Down But Not Out

Last Update: March 19, 2014

Hi everyone. This is a short note to let everyone know that I have not disappeared. I am having that beginner hick-up syndrome with the other busy stuff that obligated me when I was starting out. I will get everything in order and I will be back in full forward or at least as full forward as I can be. Thanks for all the follows and all your support. I am totally in awe at how wonderful this WA community is.

Take care and I will see you next week if all goes well. Thanks again.


PS; I am not sure what I am doing here so I hope everyone will get this and if not I will send it personally when I am back on track. Thanks for your patience.

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ar20746 Premium
Good luck.
bap0304 Premium
See you when you get back, good luck with everything.
Karyskis Premium
Look forward to seeing you soon!
rrphill Premium
You bet. what a feeling.
cybridge Premium
Take care and God bless.
sherp Premium
slow and steady wins the race
rrphill Premium
Can't keep me down long. I'm to persistant