Very Mixed Thoughts With AI On Wealthy Affiliate!

Last Update: Feb 2, 2023

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Towards the end of last year, I started to hear a terrific amount about AI (artificial intelligence) from online marketers. The majority of these successful marketers were really praising up how wonderful AI is going to be. They were also stressing that we need to start using it to be ahead of our game etc.!

I was speaking to my very helpful and exceptionally knowledgeable Webmaster recently. He told me that Google is putting a terrific amount of money into tools to find content generated by AI. If AI content is found, penalties are likely to be very harsh, I think we know what that means!

I have also seen quite a few blog posts about AI recently on the Wealthy Affiliate platform. From what I understand, it seems that the majority of members are seeing positive things regarding AI. I'm not sure if I particularly agree with what I am reading, I believe the consequences could be harsh! However, I have very little experience of AI.

I have tried an AI tool. However, on many of the subjects that I tested out the AI with, it spat out absolute rubbish! It wasn't even recognisable or even related to what I wanted it to refer to. Now I must admit that I tried it on a few more popular topics and it wasn't too bad. However, I won't be using the AI tool!

It was also interesting to read Kyle's post from the other week which in see below.

And, Roope's post from earlier on today, which also confirms what I thought and what I kind of expected. You can also see Roope's post below.

The two above posts come from experienced people, who know what they are doing!

So my thoughts and questions are if AI picks up a fake news item or something that is not truthful, surely it's just going to spew absolute rubbish out!? So over a period of time we are going to be hearing more more posts or articles that are not very accurate at all. It will be like listening to the mainstream media!

I'm wondering how AI knows if an article is good information in the first place? Or does it just find multiple articles and then create one good article, I doubt it!?

Once again, it's not a subject that I know much about, but I would be interested to hear other members thoughts.

Thank you for reading.


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Recent Comments


AI is currently a "guide" (and a very good), it is not a source of content. That is why I made my post about how using it for content could actually kill a business, in terms of SEO...and it already is. It is easy to detect, and Google doesn't want to deliver a bunch of AI rubbish content in it's search engine results.

Google and other search engines are after quality. But for things that are cut and dry facts, it is a great tool and search engines could use AI to deliver those results (What is the capital city of Thailand), but even things that rely on number data like populations are going to be outdated as it is reliant on a 2020 brain and 2021 data.

This will improve as time goes on though, the question is where the content gets seeded from...which presents all sorts of new issues.

Good morning Kyle,

Thank you for your reply, it's appreciated.

Your first sentence makes a lot of sense as the first thing I think about AI is for writing content, rather than a guide! Probably because I'm hearing so much about AI in the last few months! I'm glad that Google isn't accepting a bunch of AI rubbish content.

My personal knowledge of AI is very limited; however, it's great if we can make use of AI in the right way. The issue that concerns me is in your last sentence, are people going to be fed unreliable information, let's see what happens.

Have a great weekend.


Interesting question indeed

AI is biaised in giving information, and often one sighted when it comes to topics other than clear data. And the database they use is restricted

Meaning it is giving interpretation and views thar are always the same leading to brainwashing and propaganda if not used carefully

The most horrible thing? It is terribly boring and restrictive (narrow minded)
The best thing? It is fast for those who seek quick answers... on specific questions (like compare a to be)

My two cents

Already used in customer services all over the world with overload of refs and... complicated...

Good morning Fleeky,

Thank you for your reply; it's appreciated.

The fact that AI gives biased information is quite concerning, Roope's blog post proved the point, big time! We already see huge amounts of propaganda on our mainstream media, I believe this is where the danger comes with AI!

Thank you for your two cents worth; you have confirmed what I was kind of thinking!

It's interesting that it's used in customer services, maybe that's why customer services are not brilliant!

Have a great weekend.


AI is not just there... all is copycatted
In videos, streams, everything

Just wonder if what you see and hear is REAL


I guess AI stands a small chance of being absolutely fantastic! However, I'm kind of thinking that it could be absolutely dreadful, with people taking liberties etc. We could end up with lots of false information, I guess it would be like listening to the mainstream media!

Have a great day.


I hope not...

Let's see what happens, I hope I'm wrong!

Have a great week.


Happening allready...

Hi Roy;

AI is one of those things that isn't black and white. You have to use it wisely. And, some people aren't going to do that, so hopefully safeguards will be developed and regulations put in place.

I've played around with it for content and can see the faulty side when it spits out outdated and false or biased info.
It's super important to edit and fact-check when using it in the content arena.

However, I also quickly saw the benefits and I'm currently using it daily to create outlines, brainstorm, and push through writer's block.

I've come to realize that used properly, it's a time-saving and very useful tool.

BUT, it's a tool! Not a way to spit out rapid-fire finished content.

We adapt to new technology and learn to use the new tools ethically, or go home. Simple as that.

Change is gonna come, and it's gonna happen faster and faster.
I don't like it, but I understand the need to explore and adapt, too.

Also, I'm using the Canva "Magic Write" tool, and I've been impressed with it so far for the limited way I use it.


Good morning Stella,

Thanks for taking the time to respond to my blog post, it's appreciated.

As I mentioned in my blog post, AI is very new to me, so I can learn a lot from all the comments. I hear you; AI certainly isn't one of those things that are black and white! It would be great if they could put safeguards in, but I don't know if that is possible.

Yes, I have noticed if you want any content that is slightly technical or niche related, it spews out utter nonsense! If people are not going to edit their content, are we going to have an Internet filled with false information?

It's great that you are using it to brainstorm and create outlines, that sounds like a constructive way to use AI. It sounds like you have found a way to make the AI tool work for you.

It's incredible how quickly change comes along; 21 years ago, I hadn't even touched a computer or had any interest in one! It's amazing how quickly technology moves forward and we adapt. However, I quickly adapted and saw the power and potential of the Internet, although, I couldn't see it until I had my first broadband connection! To me, broadband totally changed the face of the Internet, the Internet became usable! Dial up connections were absolutely terrible, I'm so glad that we have moved forward!

I must admit I had never heard of Canva's magic write tool, I did go to my Canva account and have a quick look. I actually have a premium account with Canva; I'm sure that Canva has huge amounts of functionality that I am not even aware of!

I appreciate your honest opinion of AI.

Have a great weekend.


Google already has tools in place right now to find content generated totally with AI. They have no problems with us using AI for research purposes, but also expect us to make sure that research is legit.

I too have no problems using AI in this way, for doing research in my content creation. We already do it here within WA. The new niche research tool is built to use ChatGPT. But content solely created with AI, Google will negatively impact.

Good morning Rob,

Thank you for your reply, it's appreciated.

From reading all the comments, it appears that AI is already being used across the globe, big-time! As I mentioned in my post, AI is very new to me and I don't fully understand it, however, I'm learning from all the comments, which is very interesting!

Maybe Google has to rule, which is one rule for them and one rule for us! This is the problem when corporations become so large.

I must admit I didn't know that the new niche researched tool is using ChatGPT, I guess we learn new things every day!

Certainly, for content, the AI tool can really spew out some rubbish, it's not at all clever.

Have a great weekend.


Hi Roy
Yes it is concerning to me because I believe that these AI tools don’t provide any sources of their information so how can it be trusted. I have too questioned chatgtp in our WA community and it appears some members feel that if they take the result of their search and then put that into their own words google won’t react. That’s a risk I’m not willing to take for the sake of time and effort. Do I make sense?👽😎🥸

Yes, that makes sense because Google has said that they discourage that kind of act in using AI generated content. Though they have no objections to use AI for research.

I doubt that it can be even used as a research tool.

For example, I was conducting research for my niche and it quoted results from studies conducted by two different universities in two different responses to the same question. As part of due diligence, I asked when were they conducted. It responded with something which makes me question ChatGPT's credibility as a research tool, at least for now.

Q: When were the studies conducted
ChatGPT: I apologize, I made a mistake in my previous response. The studies that I mentioned were not conducted and I couldn't find any studies that match the description I provided.

So, even when using AI we need to do our own research.

Hello Janine,

Thank you for taking the time to comment on my blog post, I appreciate it.

I understand where you're coming from and yes it does make sense what you are saying. It's great to embrace technology and take advantage of what it can do. However, we need to make sure that the information we are given is accurate and true.

As many people have mentioned, it's not good for content, as I have found out when I tested some AI software. In fact, it spewed out utter rubbish on niche topics; it was better with more general things.

We are already being fed a lot of false information within the mainstream media, I feel that AI could make it even worse!

Have a great weekend.


Hello Jaydeep,

My sincere apologies, I somehow missed your message.

I appreciate you responding to Rob.

This kind of sums up AI technology; what's the point if it doesn't give accurate information? Many people will not cross-reference information to check its accuracy. It's not clever. We could end up with a lot of misinformation on the Internet.

Have a great Sunday.


Thank you Roy. Have an amazing Sunday 🌸


Any research you do with AI should be followed up with your own basic research, especially when using these earliest website data driven chatbots.

But the AI can help with research ideas, names, niches, like the WA Niche Research Tool which is built on AI technology. The fluidity responses are just not there yet.

However I still think Google's LaMDA is a better option, though it was only recently given public access. Google will not release it until they feel the time is right.

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