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Last Update: February 23, 2020

I just watched a Gary Vee YouTube video where he is talking to a bunch of Lawyers. As I watched I thought about how we could apply these thoughts to affiliate marketing and our blogs moving forward.

I have heard people being concerned about how voice is stopping people clicking through to websites, with good reason.

I thought I would share it as it is thought provoking.

I won't share the link, but the post is called how to get your business the most attention possible in 2020 and was posted in December 2019.

definately worth a look.

l just wrote this post and the WA algorithm is telling me that this content is not unique and is already published on other websites!! For Real???? Oops took out the tags and it posted....

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amcg Premium
Love Gary Vee!
AllanDeBlase Premium
Thank you for the info!

lesabre Premium
Hi Kerry, thank you for the share.

Best wishes,
JeffreyBrown Premium
Way to go, Kerry!
tblackwell14 Premium
Thank you! I'll check this out!