Tired of Doing Wealthy Affiliate.I Was About To Give UP.

Last Update: November 02, 2020

Sometimes the entrepreneurial journey can really test a person.

I want to share with you a moment that I had during my earlier years at WA.

I was ready to "throw in the towel" with WA.

I thought to myself,- ---I am writing blog posts, I am doing the YouTube videos.I am following SEO teachings as per Jay and Kyle and other awesome WA guys and girls...I am posting on social media..

and so on and on.....

When I had these thoughts, I was ready to call it quits...

No jokes, but then something happened.

I thought to myself if give up now...I will never know how the story ends...

More importantly. I would not have accomplished my ultimate goals.

I got a REAL opportunity to change my life here.

I know the training at WA works right? There are tons of SUCCESS STORIES..


When I felt like my business is not going anywhere... and I wanted to give up, I looked at two things.

The PROOF that this works.., and MY PURPOSE.

If others are prospering then so can I.

As for PURPOSE, I am doing this for my significant "WHY"

Eventually, it will happen.

My message to you....

It's okay to want to give up at times but before you do it, remember your ULTIMATE PURPOSE...

and remember you are at a place, where SUCCESS happens...

You are a success story....

In Time, that story will be told.....

Just keeping writing the chapters.......



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Marilyn65 Premium Plus
I have been told that when it gets hardest, is just when you are about to break through.. I hold onto this. I have many paradigms that would shut me down if I let them. As you said, your WHY keeps you on track. At some point, though, you have done the work and it is time to Let go and Let God. It is time for faith, for belief in yourself and your goal.
RoopeshG Premium
Hey Marilyn
I think you summed it up perfectly.
Once you put in all that you got, it's time to let go and let the Higher Forces take over.

We need to have Faith that it will come together.
Aussiemuso Premium Plus
An excellent reminder. Don't Quit!.
Lily 🤔🎶
RoopeshG Premium
Absolutely Lily. We should not quit at all.
Linda103 Premium
Very encouraging and inspiring, thank you Roopesh.
RoopeshG Premium
You are most welcome, Linda
DianeK59 Premium Plus
Very good point! Thanks for the reminder and inspiration!
RoopeshG Premium
Anytime, Diane. And great to meet you. Following you back.
Wallerdog Premium