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Hi WA FamilyHope that you guys are doing well? Hope that your business is doing good too? This is a quick blog to share with you proof that WA training works.So, if you have written a blog post around 6 months ago, it's a good idea to update that post. I wrote a post on the 2nd May 2020. And before I updated it 2 -weeks ago, I checked its ranking using Jaaxy. It was sitting on page 5 position 45 of Google.So I went ahead and revamped following the guidelines of Jay and one other WA member. Toda
It hurts. Its excruciating. Its painful beyond words.My youngest brother, my wife, and I are very close. Out of everyone in our immediate family, he is our support, safety net and rock. Always there to protect me.He sacrificed so much in his life, and he shared with us the pain he was going through. The pain that he could not talk to anyone else about. The pain that no-one else would understand. Those were his battles that he was fighting and we were with him all the way.We really understood ea
Hi everyone, I hope that you are well?Hope that all is going well with your business?I want to share something with you. You may already be familiar with the four quadrants, but it's worthwhile to mention it again, so as to serve as a reminder of our ultimate goal, here, at WA.Take a look at the diagram below :There are 4 quadrants in the circle.They represent the "business cycles" that we may go through.E- Employee QuadrantIf we are in this quadrant, then it means that we are working for a bo
Sometimes the entrepreneurial journey can really test a person.I want to share with you a moment that I had during my earlier years at WA.I was ready to "throw in the towel" with WA.I thought to myself,- ---I am writing blog posts, I am doing the YouTube videos.I am following SEO teachings as per Jay and Kyle and other awesome WA guys and girls...I am posting on social media..and so on and on.....When I had these thoughts, I was ready to call it quits...No jokes, but then something happened.I t
Hi everyone. Hope that all is going well on your side?Our Mind can sometimes play games on us. You know that if we let it, it can actually 'sabotage' us and prevent us from reaching our full potential. And this can apply to every area in our life, and not just business.And that brings me to sharing this 'table'(that someone shared with me)that puts into perspective what happens when we let our mind play tricks on us.So, when it comes to building your business here at WA you might be trying some
When you signed-up to WA, you signed up to learn about affiliate marketing. You chose to learn a business model that can help you tap into a billion dollar industry. But you know what? If you think that is impressive, then you need to know what is even more fantastic. Signing up with Wealthy Affiliate makes you a DRIVER.What do I mean? DRIVER SEAT OR THE PASSENGER SEATYou see when you are in the passenger seat, you really do not have much control over where you are going to. You leave that cont
Hi EveryoneHope that you are all doing well and are rockin' it with your business?I have a problem. I am not sure if there is a way around it, but was hoping that someone from this awesome community could help.I recently completed Jay's series on Pinterest(last aired in Feb), I know that I am way behind, but finally got down to it.LOLAnyway, I particularly enjoyed the Pinterest Ads training. I was ready to tackle Pinterest ads head-on.I was so excited after having watched the training only to r
This a quote that I read in Naploeon Hill's book about failure-"Failure is a trickster with a keen sense of irony and cunning.It takes great delight in tripping one up when success is almost within reach."One of the most common causes of failure, is the habit of quitting when one is overtaken by temporary defeat.And you might be at a stage with your online business where things might not be going the way that you want, or imagined, and are thinking of calling it quits.(Trust me, I have visited
Hey Aweseome WA FriendsI was asked this question by one my of my dear referrals. She wants to get results instantly. I know that some of you may have asked this question at some point. I too am guilty of it as well.Someone texted me a watsup message, and I think that it's highly relevant to answering this question. As so I would like to share the message below.Enjoy....."Insant results are RARELY the best results. With patience, you can greatly expand your potential.If your desires were always
Hi all wonderful WA members. It has been a while and as I write this blog I can still feel that excitement I had when I first joined Wealthy Affiliate just over 4 years ago.Achieved a Goal That Was Long OverdueI remember when 2019 started I was writing like crazy, and knew that if I were to continue at that pace, then I would easily hit my 400th blog post mark.But here I am blogging about reaching a target that is 100 posts short.What happened and where did I go wrong?The truth is, life can thr