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Last Update: Jun 30, 2022

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Recently a sad thing happened.

  • A person started in Wealthy Affiliate
  • She built her website
  • She said the website is already getting traffic = visitors
  • She didn't make any sales
  • She got discouraged, quit and closed the website

I believe this has happened many, many times over the years.

That's why I wanted to write this post with the hope of helping that the same wouldn't happen again.

This person didn't realize that she had built a website that is already worth money.

She said she doesn't have money for the membership, but didn't realize that she could have sold the website and pay for the membership possibly for a year or at least get a few hundred dollars.

If you have built a website with multiple posts and that is already getting traffic, you can almost certainly get money for that on websites such as Flippa.

Your Website/YouTube Channel Has Value

I started a new YouTube channel in the end of March.

I'm paying freelancers for the help of the content creation. Now 3 months have passed and I definitely haven't earned back all the money that I've invested in the freelancers.

Would I prefer to go back 3 months and not start a channel?

Of course not.

Each week I'm hitting new records with the daily views.

The collaboration with the freelancers is smooth now that we've set up the process.

Things are growing.

Because I've gone through the process of growing a YouTube channel (and websites) in the past, I know that the beginning is usually slow.

You may not see profits for the first 3-12 months and it's absolutely normal (unless you're doing everything alone. In that case, you may be profitable faster because you don't have expenses).

But even if your website or YouTube channel wouldn't be generating a huge income yet, it already has monetary value in the marketplace.

One good guideline is a "40x your income formula".

  • When your site earns $100/month, it's worth $4,000 (or more)
  • When your site earns $1,000/month, it's worth $40,000
  • When your site earns $10,000/month, it's worth $400,000
  • When your site earns $25,000/month, it's worth $1,000,000

You can go to a marketplace and sell your site if you want to cash out. Many Wealthy Affiliate members have posted about their own experiences of selling their websites over the years.

What if..?

I started thinking about all those members who might have closed their websites over the years.

  • They had written blog posts.
  • They had set up the plugins.
  • They had chosen the theme.
  • They had done the keyword research.
  • And more...

But just becasue they hadn't made their first sale, they decided to quit.

It's probably safe to say that there have been thousands of people like that over the years.

What if all those people would have sold their websites instead of closing them and quitting?

Collectively all those website would have probably been worth millions of dollars in total in the marketplace.

But now... They didn't realize their websites have value and they closed them.

Just for the lack of information.

Millions of dollars. Gone. Poof!

Don't Quit

Instead of quitting there are 3 better options:

  1. Keep on working on your website/YouTube channel
  2. Sell it and take the money
  3. Keep the website live with a cheap hosting and collect the money over the time course

Many people don't realize that #3 is also an option.

Oftentimes your website will start generating money over the time course when you just keep it live and more visitors will have a chance to come to your website.

I have had many posts that didn't generate money for a year.

But then I started earning commissions without doing anything. Just by keeping the posts live, they started earning money at some point automatically.

Usually, the worst thing you can do is just to close the website and take $0 out of it.

Don't leave money on the table.


Share this post for all the beginners to make sure they won't leave the money on the table.

And a question.

Have you seen people building their websites and then quitting even though the websites had already value?

Share with use in the comments below.

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Recent Comments


Giving up had came to mind before, but when I look back and see my blogs on my post that I created, first in my life I have ever done something like this.

I decided no way! I wanna continue to creating more of what I have achieve, even though there is no monitory gain, but one day there will be, and my gold is to earn half a million dollars 💵 in the affiliate marketing.

Thanks for sharing.


Hold on to that spirit and those goals, Elizabeth.
Continue to be consistent with your efforts.

Success will come.


Thank you Cassie you are one of my example, definitely will do so.


You are always welcome, Elizabeth.

Continue to enjoy your day.


You are so right Roope.

Every website that has content is an asset to its owner. And an asset can be sold to someone else... No matter what kind of money it makes! I could sell my website today and earn 5 figures easily even if I only work part-time on it! That's not even counting my email list!

I've seen people quitting when they are just getting started many many times too. Some people expect to earn money within days with a website. It's not the case. WA teaches that you have to establish a solid foundation, get noticed (and ranked) by Google, and post articles within your niche. Then post some more, and then repeat!

The key word for success here is PERSISTENCE!

I will definitely share this post with my referrals!

Thanks, Roope!

Thanks, Roope, It is an important concept that we just don't get most of the time. Because we put in the work ourselves, we consider the value is lower than if we were paid to do it and or if we paid someone to do it.

The reality is everything has value and this post demonstrates that.


That's true Alex

This is an excellent post, Roope!

Ivan's #1 WA post, also gave an idea of income and profit from being consistent and having patience.

It all takes time however, we live in an instant world and people have lost their ability to manage their expectations.
They want everything NOW - including success.

Thank you for sharing and keep making the success happen.


Thank you Cassi. Yes, that's true. Like someone said, "We all want it yesterday."

Patience and persistence are keys to success in anything

Hi Roope, I feel it is the lack of belief in themselves people quit. The chances are, that has been their modus operandi for years.

You have given those members thinking of quitting several options. If they cannot afford their membership at least they can transfer hosting and wait till time works for them.

No excuses now for giving up on their website.



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