Verify Your YouTube Channel (2 Things to Do!)

Last Update: July 19, 2021

If you have a YouTube channel, there are 2 different verifications that you’ll want to do.

  1. Verify Your Phone Number
  2. Get a Verification Badge

Both of them have significant benefits for your channel. In this post, I’ll show and teach you CLICK-BY-CLICK how to do both of them.

1) Verify Your Phone Number

I recommend that every single YouTube channel verifies the phone number because it gives immediate benefits.


  • Videos longer than 15 minutes
  • Custom thumbnails
  • Live streaming
  • Appealing Content ID claims

As you can see, building a channel without a verified phone number doesn't really make sense. It brings so obvious benefits that you must verify your phone number if you're even a little bit serious about YouTube.

How to Verify Your Phone Number?

Step 1: Go to YouTube Studio
Step 2: Click "Settings"
Step 3: Click "Channel"
Step 4: Click "Feature Eligibility"
Step 5: Click "VERIFY PHONE NUMBER" (See below)

Then you just follow YouTube's steps on the screen to verify your phone number.

You'll just submit your phone number and receive a verification code.

Then you submit the verification code on the screen and you're done!

Once you've done that, you have all the benefits immediately enabled on your channel.

Another verification that you'll wanna aim for is having a verification badge.

I just received it myself recently.

2) YouTube Channel Verification Badge

A verification badge isn't so easy to get but it brings you many benefits. It shows up EVERYWHERE next to your channel name on YouTube.


  • Immediate Trust & Credibility
  • Helps Your Followers to Be Safe from Impersonators
  • Prevents Stolen Traffic

Once you get more views & followers, many people may start to impersonate you. I've seen numerous people and bots creating fake channels of me.

When you get a verification badge, people will immediately recognize which one is the right channel.

In addition, those fake channels may be stealing your traffic. Verification badge helps to prevent that because fewer people will start engaging with fake channels.

Last, but definitely not least, having a verification badge gives immediate trust and credibility.

Whenever I see a verified channel on YouTube, the following thoughts come to my mind:

  • For 100% sure a real person is behind the channel.
  • That channel has put a lot of effort into building its audience.
  • Many people follow him already so the chances are it provides something valuable.

How to Get a YouTube Verification Badge?

You'll either need to get 100,000 YouTube subscribers or you need to be an already famous person that people recognize.

I believe that most of us will need to get that 100,000 subs because we're not famous when starting on YouTube.

Once you'll get 100k subs, follow the steps below:

Step 1: Wait a few days and YouTube opens an application form.
Step 2:
Open and fill out the verification badge application. It takes only around 1-3 minutes.
Step 3: Wait until YouTube reviews your channel.

=> You'll have a verification badge!

How long does it take that YouTube reviews your channel?

On the official YouTube website, they said it may take a few weeks but for my channel, it took only around 24 hours. So, I believe the time varies.

I hope you found this helpful.

- Roope "Helping you to succeed online" Kiuttu

PS. If you have any questions or comments about YouTube, tell us in the comments below!

Did you know this about YouTube verifications?

What questions do you have about building a successful YouTube channel?

Looking forward to hearing your comments about YouTube below!

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BrendaMZ Premium
I have a ? for you Roope. YouTube is definitely way out of my comfort zone. Im not so keen on having my face on the video. People who do it and you doing it are so brave and courageous. Like you stated the video must have a real person behind the video. If no face, no name, means people will not trust your channel. I get that. If someone like myself who is afraid of getting face all over YouTube, would you recommend it? The Deaf community, I am well known that is one reason why I dont want to blast my face that way. I dont even know how to cater to the majority hearing market via YouTube. The struggle is there. I keep thinking if I was younger I’d do it but I am nearly approaching my 60’s and all these new things that young people do today is so different from my generation. Would you recommend a person like myself to do YouTube?
Feochadan Premium Plus
If you are worried about hearing impaired people, use closed captions. Also, although many hate to have their face on screen, it’s something that many have had to get used to because it really helps with your branding. To start off, though, you can put your face in the right hand corner and then just talk through your slides or whatever.

BrendaMZ Premium
Aw sweet -Darlene, thanks for answering the question. I think you mean, I need to do open captioning for hearing people. I am Deaf and use American Sign Language (ASL) thats why I am well known in the Deaf community due to Deaf family. I am not hearing impaired-I am Deaf. If I do the video the only way to do is in ASL or Universal Sign Language for other countries. I know a little British and Australian Sign Language but not fluent. After that, open captioning for people who can hear. You are right-got to have a real person behind the YouTube channel for branding in my niche market. Thats way out of my comfort zone. Scary to do YouTube, I know nothing about how to do it. I am sure there are many tutorials on how to do that.
RoopeKiuttu Premium Plus
Hi Brenda,

there are 2 solutions:

1) Don't show your face or name on your channel if you don't want to. Just create audios.
2) Let someone else create videos for your channel.

There are numerous channels with MILLIONS of subscribers that never show creators' faces nor names.

The verification that I talked about in this post is just for YouTube, not for the audience.
LLettau1 Premium Plus
Thank you sir for the very valuable information!
Newme202 Premium
So much valuable information here Roope
I have to bookmark this because not there yet
Thank you for sharing
countrylife Premium
Thanks Roope
Appreciate your great advice.
Just starting here :)
RoopeKiuttu Premium Plus
Thank you Lula!
Have a wonderful week.
countrylife Premium
You're welcome.
wammark Premium
Extremely helpful info here. Thanks Roope.

We are Blessed.
RoopeKiuttu Premium Plus
Thank you very much Mark. Be blessed.

Are you also building a YouTube channel?
wammark Premium
Not yet Roope. However, I browse YouTube quite often to seek inspiration/relax when the day job bites...

I just subscribed to your channel :)

We are Blessed.