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Last Update: June 07, 2021

I was thinking why are the people on TikTok so negative while people on YouTube are so positive?

Of course, there are many reasons for that but one of the major ones is that ON YOUTUBE, YOUR VIDEOS ARE SHOWN TO PEOPLE WHO ARE ALREADY INTERESTED IN YOUR TOPIC.

Did Mark Zuckerberg Say This?

I heard a few years ago that Mark Zuckerberg had said something like this,

"The best way to sell products is when people already want to buy them."

You don't need to convince people to buy because they're already convinced.

That's why Facebook serves targeted ads.

And that's why YouTube is also great.

1st Example

For example, if I put the word "Bitcoin" on my title, the chances are that people who are already interested in Bitcoin will come to see my video.

They like the video, leave positive comments and there are positive vibes.

Everyone's happy about the fact that Bitcoin is growing all the time and millions of new people are starting to use it every week.

Meanwhile, when I publish the video with the same message on TikTok, it causes resistance.

One of the major reasons is that the video is shown to people who haven't yet understood how Bitcoin works or aren't even interested in learning. Perhaps their 98-year-old grandpa has told that Bitcoin doesn't work and everyone should "keep cash under their mattress for the rainy day" or something like that...

The same applies to ANY topic.

Let me give you another take another example.

2nd Example

If I show on YouTube "Money-Making Apps", people who see that are purposefully searching about money-making apps OR they have seen some other related videos and now YouTube shows my video to them.

Their thoughts are already "radiating" around money-making apps.

My video is a perfect fit for them.

Meanwhile, on TikTok, the video is randomly shown to some people who open the app. They haven't searched for money-making apps.

Perhaps, in the past, they've commented something negative on "make money online opportunities" and now TikTok thinks that they want to see more such videos.

Sell to the People That You Don't Need to Sell

When you sell to the people who are already interested in your topic and they have a need for something, it becomes an "easy sell".

You don't need to convince them.

You don't need to create the need.

You don't need to argue against anyone.

You'll simply show a solution to their need and they'll buy.

  1. Find a need
  2. Bring a solution = Product that they need
  3. Earn money when people click your affiliate links

=> Your followers are happy because they found what they were looking for.

It's your Time!

    - Roope "Show people what they are already interested in" Kiuttu

    PS. I'd love to hear your thoughts.

    How have YOU applied this in your own marketing?


    PPS. One easy way to convert your blog posts into YouTube videos is simply to read your blog posts out loud in a video.

    If many people liked your blog post, they'll like your video too.

    I know channels that are simply reading websites, blogs and articles and are making a great income by doing that. It can be done even for 100% free.

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    Zoopie Premium
    Nice post. But I think Tik Tok is a completely different market to You tube. You tube is an established market and Tik Tok is newer and also generationally different. I think if you find the right product or service for Tik Tok it would go well. It is one of my back burner projects. At the moment I have enough to do but there is a market in Tik Tok. Gaming, headsets,music, I don't know yet. But it is there.
    BobMargroff Premium
    Thanks for the info, Roope. I am not a fan of Suckerburg... yes, I meant for there to be an "S" instead of a "Z". LOL!

    But, the fact that people are already interested makes a good point. At least I find myself in that category. I tend to skip TikTok videos that randomly appear... while searching and continuing to watch what comes up on YouTube.

    I am now getting ready to revamp my website and will be doing videos in the next month or so. I fully believe in the power of video and feel I am ready to go now! Wish me luck!!

    FKelso Premium
    Roope, I like your idea of reading blog posts for a video. However, here's a question: If it's already published in print on your website, can you still make it a video?

    I've made maybe a dozen videos and stopped because they took up so much time. My main problem was finding the images I wanted.

    However, I have found that by embedding a video into my blog posts -- something on the same subject, of course -- it really helps my SEO rating. Google likes to see YouTube videos in your posts.
    RoopeKiuttu Premium Plus
    Hi Fran, take a look at a YouTube channel called "Trader University" and see how he's doing it.

    I've downloaded and watched 50+ videos from that channel even though he's just reading text and some Twitter posts. There are many similar successful channels.

    You don't need to find any images.

    Simply read out loud the text.
    richardgb Premium
    Hi Roope
    Thanks for the share.
    So are you implying that TikTok is largely a waste of time for marketers?
    RoopeKiuttu Premium Plus
    No, I'm not implying that Richard. Especially, if you can get in front of English-speaking audience on TikTok, it can be incredible.

    However, a big part of the traffic isn't yet interested in your topic so you'll need to convince them.

    That being said, on TikTok it's easier to get a lot traffic faster than on YouTube.
    richardgb Premium
    Thanks for clarifying, Roope.
    Newme202 Premium
    So true , Roope

    Thank you for sharing
    RoopeKiuttu Premium Plus
    Thanks for reading Simone
    Newme202 Premium
    You're welcome :)