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Last Update: Jun 6, 2022

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Wealthy Affiliate can transform your life completely.

I will prove it to you in this post.

This was me when I joined Wealthy Affiliate:

  • No following
  • No audience
  • No connections
  • No experience of affiliate marketing (I didn't even know what it means)
  • No idea how to make money online
  • Nothing

In fact, my plan at that point was to become a kindergarten teacher and work in ordinary 9-5 jobs.

Then I decided to join Wealthy Affiliate and it changed my life forever.

Here's what happened:

  • I learned the skills
  • I know how to do blogging, YouTube, email marketing, etc.
  • I earn more money online automatically than I could even dream of earning in any 9-5 job
  • 154,000+ followers on my main YouTube channel
  • Over 8,000,000 views on the same channel
  • Big email list & automated email money-making machines
  • Freedom to travel & live anywhere in the world

I hope this inspires you to take Wealthy Affiliate seriously because everything is possible if you take action.

Even though Wealthy Affiliate is not a "magic pill" that will magically turn your life around, it truly has a life-changing effect on people.

My own example is just one of endless Wealthy Affiliate success stories. Take a look below if you wanna see more life-changing stories from WA members:

NOW Is a Perfect Time to Start

Right now Wealthy Affiliate is providing the membership for the cheapest price EVER in 17 years.

Kyle, the founder of WA, just wrote a huge announcement. See it below:

See the amazing opportunity to join WA Yearly membership right now.

You'll get everything you need to transform your life in a year:

  • World-Class Training
  • Money-Making Tools
  • Friendly Support
  • Community of 2,7 Million People
  • And Much, Much More!

Your Life Can TRANSFORM in 1 Year

You know that most people always stay the same.

When you see your old school friends after 10-15 years they still look the same.

But there are a few people who have changed...

You can be one of those who change for the better!

1 year is completely enough time to transform your life for the better in Wealthy Affiliate.

There are 3 examples in my post below:

  • From $22/Month to $13,191/Month
  • From $1,699/Year to $40,000+/Year
  • From $39/Month to $2,233/Month

See here with your own eyes how 1 year can transform your income level.

Perhaps I don't know you personally.

That's why I'm not going to guarantee that you'll make x or y amount of money after 1 year.

But what I can say that it's possible for you to transform your life completely if you take action right now.

I know it from my own experience.

Go towards your dreams.

You can do it.

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Recent Comments


Roope, you have driven the nail in my head to get up and keep it moving with this outstanding post of encouragement.

I have told myself over and over that I can do it, but I am nowhere to that success, I found myself thinking more than writing, that is my major drawback. And that is what holds me back.

What can I do to get out of this hump? Do you have any advice for me?

Thanks for sharing.


Really simple Elizabeth, stop overthinking and start doing and if you may. Sometimes we tend to be a perfectionist, that would work against. So the idea here is to run with a niche and figure it out on the way so to speak.

Hi Elizabeth

I also had a "writer's block" when I first started writing to my site. I struggled to keep up with the schedule of writing one 500-word post per week :D (which is too little anyway).

Later, I was publishing nine (+1,000-word) posts on my site every single week for around 6 months. I outsourced some of the posts but for sure my writing got much faster.

That's the same with everyone that I've talked with. Writing is a skill that becomes better over the time course when you do it a lot.

One thing that usually helps with writing and makes it faster is using templates. So, answer similar questions in your product reviews to make it organized and easier for you. Kyle shows that also in some of his training lessons.

Jay also had a webinar on amplifying writing efficiency if you want to check it out here: Regarding the writing goal... I always advice to post at least two +1,500-word posts every week targeting a low competition keyword (less than 50 QSR and traffic +100 according to Jaaxy).

That will give you a steady progress. Over time you'll see your posts getting ranked on Google and driving you traffic which will eventually turn into income.

Consistency is really the key because it takes time but if you do the right things consistently, you'll get the results.


Thank you so for your kindness, I will definite take the right turn and be more consistent, and work harder for this to work.

Stay blessed.


Wowcher!!! My heart is filled with butterflies, not only because of the income we might earn, but because of the passion we all have while making the the money. Because of the freedom my soul needs!!!

I’ve been wanting to ask something for a long time, so there it goes; I’m a super shy person; introvert type, so only the thought of going on YouTube and show my face makes me feel like I could “die”… you’ve mentioned YouTube in your article, is there a chance I could use YouTube as well, but without talking too much? If I’ll have to go online, then I will 😂, but I look ridiculous and don’t think many people would want to follow an introvert. For example, I’ve tried to record myself yesterday, just out of my own curiosity, and I simply sound terrible hahahaha

You can make a Youtube channel without showing your face. That is how lots of people start.
You can just speak and some don't even do that they have music playing and a series of still images with typing on them.
Hope that makes sense :-)

Yaaaassss! I think I'll go with that, yes!! For some reason, I feel normal when I write, rather than talk. Thank you so much :)

You are very welcome Roope.
I'm doing a 30 day Youtube challenge to make 1 video every day!
I'm on day 5 so far so good :-)

If you take a GOOD look around YouTube you'll see that there are people doing really well and you won't see them in the video format. Maybe a picture (like what I'm seeing of you) at W/A so don't let that keep you from the success you deserve. LMH1968 is right. Some music (not too loud) some text that explains your deal and the offer. Don't forget the offer. After all, that's what this is ALL about!
Now, Go Get 'Em!

Thank you so much David 🙏 much appreciated !
Have a lovely evening ( it’s night in England)

Hi Anabella, as Lisa mentioned, you can build a Youtube channel without showing your face. There are numerous YouTube channels with millions of subscribers where the creator never shows the face.

You can use your voice but if you don't want to use your own voice, you can hire someone else to speak it for example from Upwork.

Excellent! Thank you very much for this, much appreciated 🙏

Very powerful message here, Roope! And thank you for sharing.

Thank you Able. Congrats also for being 6 years a WA member! :)

Greatly appreciated, Roope! Thank you.

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