Jim Rohn got a STRANGE telephone call. (worth $1,000,000's)

Last Update: June 22, 2020

Have you ever heard of a guy named Jim Rohn?

Let me tell you about an interesting story that happened to him several years ago...

"We will add a few MILLION dollars to your bank account!"

Jim was already +60-70 years old and he was looking for the next exotic beach.

He was semi-retired after having a looong and successful career...

Then one day he gets a telephone call from a man that says,

"Our company is expanding internationally. Could you come to speak at our events and train people? We will add a few MILLION to your bank account."

The first thought that came to Jim's mind was,

"Why would they call me? What's the reason that they call exactly me??"

But then the next thought in his mind was...

"Of course they call me. I can get the job done!"

He accepted the offer and went to speak in their events.

Not a bad way to earn some millions.

What lead to this telephone call?

That's kinda strange call... "Come to speak and we'll add a few millions to your bank account."

Not many people get such calls! :D

Everyone sees Jim Rohn and how successful he became BUT...

"We see see their GLORY, but don't understand the STORY."

You must understand the background...

30 - 40 years of WORK!

Jim Rohn started his business when he was 25 years old and became a millionaire when he was 31yo.

Friends and business colleagues started to ask him to speak in different events and share his success story.

Then he started his own speaking business. Jim traveled around the US and later around the world to lecture people on business and personal development.

He became one of the most important pioneers of the personal development industry in the world.

When Jim got that strange telephone call he had built his career in this industry for 3-4 DECADES!

Now that's commitment!

Are YOU committed?

Most people try "make money online thing" for a few days and they quit.

Then they say, "It didn't work!"

Well, what if you take a different attitude this time?

"Try" this for 3-4 DECADES!

Basically every single successful company in the world today needs the Internet today.

And every single company needs marketing.

I believe it's worth it for you to master this "make money online thing"!

That's what you learn here in Wealthy Affiliate.

It's your time.

Be awesome!

- Roope "Jim Rohn got a strange telephone call"

PS. Now I'd love to hear from you...

Are you committed to this for the next DECADES instead of just weeks or months?

Tell me in the comments below! :)

PPS. One last question:

Have you already upgraded to Yearly to commit for the long term?

It will save you lots of money in the long run and you'll get awesome Bonuses too.

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Spot on ever thanks so much for sharing, as we know people underestimate what they can achieve in a year and over estimate what they can achieve in a week. Keep your great advice coming. Its very grounding in a good way.

As far as the brain and success is concerned, repeating successful actions over and over is very under rated!

BAnn1 Premium
Not only have I heard of Jim Rohn but I met him in person several times (am a big fan). I have journals personally signed by him and attended his leadership event in 2004 in Ca (have all the material from this event). Thanks for the reminder - currently have been absorbing (audio and reading) other personal development material.
Thanks for the reminder.

And yes I have upgraded to yearly🙃🙂🦋

Betty Ann 👵
lucbizz Premium
Hi Betty Ann,

I fell in love with the man after reading this from him :

There’s nothing worse than being stupid. Nothing. I mean, being broke is bad, but being stupid is awful. And what’s really bad is being broke and stupid. Right? That’s about the end of the world. There isn’t anything much worse than that, unless you’re sick. Sick, broke, and stupid. I mean, that is it. Right? There’s nowhere else to go.

Unfortunately, I recently discovered his work, so did not meet him in real life. But on his advice keeping a journal too :-)

All the best ,
DerekMarshal Premium
Brilliant Roope. Something I was banging on about in my last post - not for decades though mentioning in reality the minimum amount of time to see great success is 2 to 3 years as this is the most common occuring age of a site in the top 3 for most keywords and not just the easy low hanging fruit.
BrigitteB Premium
Wonderful man! Very happy memories! I was also fortunate to have attended many of Jim's seminars/trainings. He opened my eyes to so much & is responsible for introducing me to my self development journey & seeing things from different perspectives.

Apart from Jim's story, what really jumped out at me from your post is "Basically every single successful company in the world today needs the Internet today.
And every single company needs marketing."!

Whilst I know/knew this, for some reason that really stood out to me that of course in this day & age & going forward these 2 things are necessary so heck yes "I believe it's worth mastering this "make money online thing"! :)
LDSewell Premium
Hey Roope,

Great story and great information!

Jim is another one of my favorite success/personal development people. His work is legendary and I have always enjoyed listening to him.

By the way - anyone who doesn't know who he is or of his work can go do a search on YouTube and it will bring up tons of his lectures and talks!

While sadly Jim is no longer with us in this life - his work and his legacy will live on forever and continue changing millions of lives for the better.

When it comes to success at pretty much anything you can think of - both business and personal and everything in between - everyone wants success yet few are truly ready to do all the work necessary to get from fantasy to reality.

Have a great day Roope!

Best regards,

L.D. Sewell