I Resign My Job on Monday Because of WA!

Last Update: April 27, 2017

UPDATE: I decided to continue on my current job because boss offered me a big raise and a "promotion". Anyway, I will keep on growing my online business every single day and I will become a full-time entrepreneur sooner or later.

As I have promised in my last posts, I make a short review in the end of each month on what kind of progress I am making in the process of becoming a full-time online entrepreneur.

In the end of this article I will tell a bit more about quitting my job.

Here were my goals for March and a short evaluation did I do achieve them:

1.Publish 40 articles (31 + 9). => Done. I published 41 articles in total.

2.Go through Kyle's Google Adwords training and add PPC campaigns. => I learned that Google Adwords is almost impossible with my current websites so I decided to concentrate on BingAds.

3.Optimize my 10 most visited pages. => I optimized some of my most visited pages. Still lots of work to do there.

4.Make new income record per month from my websites. => I beat my old record on WA-referrals greatly. I was even a bit surprised and quite satisfied with my progress.

5.Test outsourcing some LanguagesAreEasy-articles => I outsourced one article on LanguagesAreEasy.com.

My organic traffic grew +35% on YourOnlineRevenue.com and LanguagesAreEasy.com is beating new records all the time with organic traffic.

However, something strange happened in the end of this month. My new articles on YOR didn't get ranked on Google. Usually, they get ranked on the first or the second page within a few hours. Now some of them are not ranked even after a week of publishing.

Goals for April 2017

1.Publish 30 + 9 (=39) articles. Every day on YourOnlineRevenue and 2 times on LanguagesAreEasy

2.Publish 3 Youtube-videos every week..Learn how to get more traffic and put it into action.

3.Double WA-referrals by optimizing pages and growing traffic

4.Create 50 PPC-ad groups on BingAds.

5.Take massive action. No procrastination.

I am very excited because on Monday I will go to talk to my boss that I am going to quit my job. I work as a transport manager but I feel that I can't reach my full potential there.

I want to concentrate on building a successful online business which gives a greater satisfaction and serves more people.

My last work day will be in May if we don't agree that it would be even earlier. The only reason that I wouldn't quit is if they give me a big raise but I guess that it won't happen.

My goal is to build a successful online business and move to Asia (or to another country in Europe) in the end of this year 2017.

I don't play poker ever anymore but now I want can use a poker term about my online business:

I'm all in.

I would love to hear what do you think? Do you have tips how to achieve greater success? Are you going to become a full-time Internet marketer too?

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SamiWilliams Premium
Congratulations for knowing what you want in your life. Best wishes for having your plans succeed. Yes, this is definitely all in

AlexFerns Premium
Happy for you bro! You are an inspiration.
Cheers and All the Best!!!
ecomtom Premium
Congrats, and good luck Roope. Would do the same thing if I could. A goal for the future. Tom
RoopeshG Premium
Hey Roope I am thrilled for you!That is amazing that you know will be able to dedicate more of your time and focus on your sites.

May your business grow from strength to strength.
Everlight Premium
Wow well done Roope :) I quit my job and change my 9-to-5 career from Corporate Finance into Digital Marketing field too to learn many things about Online Marketing. Some people said this is a crazy move because it made my position and salary decreased, but they just can talk to my hand LOL.

Now that my 9-5 job and my online business are aligned, I learn twice as much as before I still in my finance career. Even I can cope the stress of being a digital marketer rather than a corporate finance. Money will come eventually when you love what you do.

When you really into something, give it all you have :) Wish you the best.

jerome25 Premium
You are really focused and motivated which is extremely reassuring to see.
Ken-Pringle Premium
Great achievements Roope. All in under 2 years.
That is fantastic, be sure to reward yourself.
Jean1986 Premium
I quit my job 4 weeks ago after 7 years as an accountant. Best decision I ever made. Good luck with your decision.
Wayne66 Premium
You have been very busy and focused on your goals and I can see that if you keep on this track, and I know your will, then success will definitely by yours.

All the best and keep on stroking,

lynnsam61 Premium
Great progress! It's interesting about the recent Google page ranking drop and I wonder why that is. 39 articles a month is very impressive especially while holding down a full-time job. I can only imagine how many you'll be able to write after you quit your job:) Wishing you the best for your future success, Erica
JAYBO Premium
Nice to see people getting ahead, congrats and good luck on your online business.
Thomas2011 Premium
Hi, RK, you are making great progress. I wanted to mention about post or pages not getting ranked like the other, sometimes when we are working a lot and doing many things in the day we can forget a step or two in the process of completing our task.

I have caught myself forgetting to submit my post or page to be indexed by Google or Bing and that may be one reason why your post hasn't shown up in the rankings yet.

There are a lot of little steps we do ever day working and it is easy to miss one once in a while.

Great Job!

akolipenouko Premium
Congrats on your decision. This is my dream too but for the moment I'm too far off.
Liz1234 Premium
These are great goals and accomplishment!!! I'm actually trying to do this fulltime as well. But,as quick advice I will say to make sure you are taking care of yourself. Go steady, work hard and always enjoy breaks. I know a lot of business into online marketing and that is the first thing they always so it to keep it consistent, keep it steady and take a break to just do other things! Enjoy!
Leonmbarnes Premium
That is very courageous. You have a Great Plan for success.

Leon B.