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This message is especially important for you if you've recently started on Wealthy Affiliate and you're thinking questions such as, "Does Wealthy Affiliate work?" or "Is this worth it?"

Those were the questions that I was thinking when I got started here.

Now I have gone through the process and I can confirm that it works. When you set up the affiliate marketing systems that Wealthy Affiliate teaches, you will start earning money AUTOMATICALLY.

Those systems will keep on making you money even if you wouldn't lift your finger.

Wanna see some real-life proof?

No Work Anymore - Still Making Money

I'll show you yet another example of one of the programs I've used. I just checked when I had done some work for this program. This is what I found.

The last piece of content that I recorded regarding this product was well over 2 years ago in 2020. The previous one before that one was in 2019. And the previous one was in 2018.

Here's the summary:

  • 1 video in 2018
  • 1 video in 2019
  • 1 video in 2020
    • Then I re-published 2 of those same videos in 2021.
  • 1 article in 2018

Total work in 2021 was probably 2-3 hours (whatever it took to download & re-upload the videos).

Total work in 2022 has been 0 hours.


Here's one proof from yesterday.

Need more proof?

Below are payments received this year so far with 0 work.

That's around $923.

With zero seconds of work.

Do the Work - Get Paid for Years to Come

The chances are that this program will keep on earning money for months and years to come. Probably thousands of dollars automatically.

Those pieces of content that I published in the previous years will keep on bearing fruits.

The same applies to all the other programs.

Last week I showed how the income suddenly jumped with another program from $0 to $448/day.

These 2 examples were just small side-projects that I had barely done any work = a few posts.

Now imagine what happens when you have hundreds of posts/videos published. How will that change your financial life?

If you decide to do many side-projects... You may have dozens of companies sending you money automatically every single month (or even every day if you pick such affiliate programs that pay daily).

Or even better, what happens if you fully focus on 1-2 programs and you'll have ultra-strong streams of automatic income?

Remember the following chart from one of my recent posts?

Your income can start growing exponentially.

I hope you start to see the potential if you do what Wealthy Affiliate teaches (=copy-pasting links online, a.k.a. affiliate marketing)

You might be asking, why don't I focus more on this program that I showed in this post?

The main reason is that nowadays my main focus is on Bitcoin-related content. My mission is to help 8 billion people (=everyone) to start using Bitcoin because I think it makes the most significant positive impact in the world. Bitcoin directly improves the lives of all 8 billion people while this program that I showed in today's example was in a different niche that's not related to Bitcoin.

Anyway, in the Bitcoin industry there are also ultra-profitable affiliate programs.

Learn to Pick the Right Programs for You

Next week I'll be hosting my first class in my new series called: Choose the Right Affiliate Programs & Become a Successful Affiliate.

Sign up for the first class here: How to Choose Affiliate Programs? (Avoid These 7 Mistakes!

NOTE! This series is for every affiliate because the principles & steps that I show work in any niche/industry.

Every single Wealthy Affiliate member will benefit from this series.

As a little spoiler, some of the criteria for choosing great affiliate programs are:

  1. The program pays you well enough.
  2. It aligns with your values.
  3. It helps your audience & makes a positive impact on the world (=makes the world a better place)

You'll learn in practice what that means and 4 ways how you can find such affiliate programs in practice.

See you in the first class!

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thanks for information :)

My pleasure :)

Wow…very motivating! Thank you for sharing.


Thanks for reading Mike

The proof is in the pudding, Roope, and all those dollar amounts add up in a big hurry! Well done!



I'll check out those courses of yours when I get the chance, Roope! Keep succeeding!




I really love this middle image, it starts narrow then it explodes. That's also true not just to affiliate marketing and other types of ventures. Really great progress Roope, congratulations.

Yes I agree Abie. That chart applies to most businesses in general.

9-5 jobs give a linear income growth but building an online business gives an exponential income growth

Absolutely! I totally agree. Appreciate the sharing!

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