$0 a day -> $448 a day! BOOM!

Last Update: Aug 25, 2022

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Just logged in to one of my affiliate accounts after a while.

Most of the time, this specific affiliate program hasn't produced much commissions.

As you can see in the picture below, the other days this week it has been around $0.

But today...


$448 in a day.

Here are the good news.

The fact that this program just made $448 in a day likely means that it will produce similar results also sometimes in the future.

I haven't done promotion for this specific program almost at all since it didn't produce worthy results.

But to be honest, I was expecting that at some point this one will also start generating money because I've seen this happening so many times with different programs.

Just didn't expect that it would blow up immediately to $448/day so this was a really positive surprise!

A more typical with most affiliate programs is a steady growth of $20/day => $50/day => $100/day etc.

Anyway, this is the beauty of affiliate marketing.

Do the work today.

Get results for months and years to come.



PS. If you are just starting out affiliate marketing, go all in.

It's worth it.

And check out WA expert classes here.

In August, I will be hosting 4 classes on how to choose the best affiliate programs for you. Really excited for that!

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Hi Roope, I have been away from WA but it is great to come back and see you and others still so successful. I had no doubt you would be. You were doing so well before I imagined you would have reached amazing new levels in the last year as well!

Good morning Roope,

I hope you're doing well. Thank you for your encouraging blog post, it's appreciated.

That is fantastic, a very pleasant surprise I'm sure! Recently I started using a new affiliate program and discovered £80 in the account. Not as much as your £448 but, as you mention, I normally find once I make a sale, more normally follow.

I agree with your closing sentences; do the work today and get results for months and years to come! So true.

Have a great day.



Wonderful post

Great news, Roope.


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