A Shout-out to the Support Center

Last Update: July 24, 2019

A very Special thank you to the WA support center. A couple nights ago I ran into a technical problem. I could not log into my back office. I tried everything that I know, which probably is not a whole lot, but could not resolve the problem.

Starting to sweat, telling myself, this is how most bad things happen. Here I am 4:00am, sitting alone, getting ready to say goodbye to my very short blogging career, feeling a bit disappointed and a bit choked-up, and then the light bulb came on. WA has a support team!

So, off I go, I shot these guys a one-liner about my problem, thinking that I would probably get a response in 24 hours. Before I climb out of my chair, the wonderful folks at the support center had taken care of the problem...in less than five minutes. I just couldn't believe it.

All is well!

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AmyHD Premium
WA Site Support is great. Always fast response and very helpful. They helped me resolved some serious issues. We can rely on them no doubt.
jeffschuman Premium
Good post Ron. I used the support center once when I first upgraded to premium and the response was almost instantaneous. It was a real confidence builder in the WA system that I had made the right choice in upgrading.
KenShaddock Premium
Great initiative Ron. They say ask and receive. Way to go.
LouiseBT Premium
Hi Ron
WA Site Support sure does ROCK!
They have gone the extra mile for me on every occasion!
Glad to see your experience has been the same & awesome that you shared it too!