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A very Special thank you to the WA support center. A couple nights ago I ran into a technical problem. I could not log into my back office. I tried everything that I know, which probably is not a whole lot, but could not resolve the problem. Starting to sweat, telling myself, this is how most bad things happen. Here I am 4:00am, sitting alone, getting ready to say goodbye to my very short blogging career, feeling a bit disappointed and a bit choked-up, and then the light bulb came on. WA has a
May 21, 2019
My writing has come to a screeching halt. I haven’t totally walked away from everything. Even though I am not creating any new content or completing any task I have continued reviewing the lessens. So far, the quality of my content is good, good enough to be, and has been indexed by google but has fallen short in other places. I am not attracting any traffic and therefore not generating any revenue. My chosen niche is “Dementia Related” which happens to be a very interesting s
November 19, 2018
After about a month and a half of an uphill struggle, I'm almost at the end of my level 2 training. There is so much information in the level that I'm almost afraid that I'm going miss something. My hat goes off to Kyle and Carson and everyone else that contributed to this training. The training is truly designed to help. There is no hidden agenda. Because I'm coming from what feels to me like the stone ages of the internet world, this kind of training, for me, is necessary, and I am so very t