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Last Update: Dec 2, 2016


Most of us are advertising amazon products on our sites - affiliate marketing. Have you thought about partnering with a fellow WA member to buy amazon products off each other's website. As you are aware, you do not receive commission if you or your family make purchases on your site.

I have partnered with a fellow WA member and we and our families are ordering stuff on a monthly basis from each other's site. It is working well.

Are you doing something like this? Feel free to share your experience.

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Great idea! Thanks for sharing :-)

Interesting concept, Rodney! I never thought about partnering w/ a fellow member here at WA. I should look into this. Thanks for posting!

That's a good idea.

Sound good to me and it can help us making profits. I wouldn't mind doing it the way you are.

Sounds like a good idea, but what Ray said is true!


Great idea though Amazon prohibits it...they'll probably never know...

"you will not request or encourage any of your friends, relatives, or associates to purchase any Product(s) through Special Links for use by you"

Maybe it's not a problem, since they are not purchasing products for YOU to use, only for them to use. Please clarify, thanks

Sorry I only pasted a part of the sentence... The clause is towards the bottom, No. 29.

".....or associates to purchase any Product(s) through Special Links for use by you OR THEM..."

So it is (supposed to be) a problem!

Ah! Thanks for the clarification. Um, maybe other ways to help each other, like comments on each other's sites.

Thanks for chiming in. I do not encourage family friends etc to purchase a product via a special link. Instead I direct them to a friend's website and once they are on that site, wherever they see an amazon logo,/advert they can click on it and make any purchase.

Yea, so they wont be buying for your personal use, rather its for themselves, even if they want to give you a gift.

.......neither of which is allowed by Amazon, but they'll never know my point :-)

I've challenged the helpdesk about it specifically...unfortunately I really can't their reply in my inbox!

What they said was your affiliate links should be advertised towards the world at large. Anyone you know (e.g. friends) should not be accessing Amazon via your website (=your affiliate link). They should always be typing in the url and search instead. I told them it was a silly rule!

Thanks for taking the time to share your experience with amazon. It is not a good rule, I agree. I am okay with visiting my friends site and making purchases. If they say I must stop this, I will!

Thanks to you too! And my best friend too always buy things from Amazon via my website so that I make a small commission each time!

real silly rule.

No Im not doing that but it sounds like a great idea, thanks for sharing.


I am not at your point yet. But you are educating me, I did not know that you nor family can't purchase from your own site. I wonder if Click bank has the same rule, because I am planning to buy from myself as soon as I am up and running.

This has been brought up before, and some people do this.

I've thought about that.
I bought my PRO Jaaxy subscription through another member's Jaaxy link on their site.
Somebody signed up for the free account through mine but hasn't upgraded yet.

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