Site verification issues

Last Update: November 29, 2017

Verifying one of my sites is proving to be considerably more difficult than it is supposed to be - reading the Google forums, I don't appear to be alone.

Despite following instructions, as I understand them and using multiple methods, html file, meta tag etc, my site remains invisible to Google. Apparently it doesn't affect page ranking, so that's good, but means I can't see what is going on behind the scene.

Shown below is the sequence of events for the latest attempt this morning.

Am I missing something here? Site Support suggested the code should be entered using FTP, but as far as I am aware that is no different from copy and paste.

Any thoughts and contributions would be welcome.



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brichnow21 Premium
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To good old step , by set...
I went a bit in circles, inWA trying download, pics from
Mind of the scientist..
Can't assume they have any idea..Plug in cord! LOL
I find was UBS cord
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I whirled..2 days of virus...Grrr. Assume NOTHING..
Just click...what from wheeeee!! Over the edge!
Walk, way...come, back!! By, in business!!
Loes Premium
Have you tried using the SEO all in one?
RodClark Premium
Hi Loes

Yes - thanks for that - exactly as Marion suggests in her video.

The second window in the blog is Webmaster Verification field within All in One SEO.