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November 29, 2017
Verifying one of my sites is proving to be considerably more difficult than it is supposed to be - reading the Google forums, I don't appear to be alone.Despite following instructions, as I understand them and using multiple methods, html file, meta tag etc, my site remains invisible to Google. Apparently it doesn't affect page ranking, so that's good, but means I can't see what is going on behind the scene.Shown below is the sequence of events for the latest attempt this morning.Am I missing s
November 23, 2017
Well I see that I have 200 followers in my network this morning. I know it's not a lot in the whole scheme of things, but it certainly feels like progress - another milestone passed.Thanks to all who are in my network - I appreciate you all.CheersRod
Just had confirmation form Wealthy Affiliate that my membership is confirmed for another year and thereafter at the special $299 rate - all made so easy with the popup window on my profile.It's great to be involved in this process, which at different times is exciting, frustrating, challenging and even joyous - not what I expected when I first signed up, but enjoying every minute online in this community.Wishing you all many new signups and a happy time with your families - we have much to be
October 22, 2017
It's a public holiday here in New Zealand and it's raining, so what could be better than spending some time in the WA community.I have been pondering how to put Google translate on my website pages for a few days and after a failed attempt at cut & paste I decided to submit a question to 'Site Support'.It took all of 30 seconds to find a video 'on topic' (Many thanks Chris) and a few minutes later it is live on my site. I am constantly amazed at the depth of knowledge and willingness to sha
October 07, 2017
Yesterday I drove about three hours out of town for a weekend retreat. Its a pleasant place - elevated with a view over a manicured park and a tidal estuary beyond. Lots of bird life and away from the traffic of the city. A good place to draw breath and reflect on life in general.September has been a busier than usual month for both our traditional business and fledgling online activity. Having joined WA at the beginning of the month, it has been fascinating to 'meet' the many different people