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Last Update: October 24, 2018

How do You do it?

It baffles me as to how any one person can handle more than one website at a time. Of course if you're already successful the answer may be just outsourcing.

But for a great many of us, we are just working on the one or two websites and for me anyway it's more than I can handle.

I'm trying my hardest as I just started on the bootcamp but time is valuable and I don't know how to find time to do both websites. I just hired a writer to help and while I just started, time will only tell.

Is anyone willing to share their plan for accomplishing the multiple websites? I always read to stick to the one or two at the most.



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FKelso Premium Plus
You know, I've been wondering the same thing myself. I have two more websites I want to start, but don't see how I can possibly write posts for all three. It takes me the whole week to do two or three on my present site. Maybe once the site is a year old, I will be able to start another.

Research is part of the problem. It usually takes me as long to research a post as it does to write it. How do people do it?
realityshifter Premium
Yes research takes some time. That's why WA recommends choosing a niche you are interested in or passionate about. Makes t easier to write the blogs
accad Premium
I made a mistake in having more than one. I don't advice this to newbies like me. It's better to decide what niche you really like and build your domain and website for it.
If you work for it full-time then you can have two.
Paolaffitte Premium
Hi, Rob, I'm in the same dilemma as you. I recently joined the affiliate boot camp and I'm starting a new website for promoting wealthy affiliate. I don't know what to do, I don't want to leave my other website but I got to admit I'm more excited about this new one than the other one, especially for the main purpose and because that website will be running in my native language which is Spanish.
Vinayaroy Premium
funny this post popped up on my feed when I was just thinking the same. I really have immense respect for people who can actually work on 4-5 websites at the same time.

Again, I end up thinking its just easy when writing/editing/posting becomes your second nature - and that sure must take a lot of patience and practice. I am new here so hoping to get better at it slowly :)

Good luck to you too

smartketeer Premium
Hi Rob,

It's recommended to start with one website. Once you have a well-established site you can step further.

This isn't mass production and maintaining a website is time consuming,

but of course, the choice is always yours :)