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Last Update: May 11, 2014


  • Your progress thus far
  • Your website that you have created
  • Any successes (not just financial, but things you are proud of)
  • Your plans and goals in the upcoming 3 months
  • Your plans and goals in the upcoming 6 months
  • My Progress

    After being here a month I have learned many new things and have gone into areas beyond my comfort zone. This has definitely been a stretch for me. However I am succeeding at moving forward. I enjoy each new accomplishment and now even look forward to the next challenge. There have been days when I feel overwhelmed with the task and the uncertainty of my ability but looking at the activity dashboard and all the questions have been helpful in pushing me on.

    My Website http://letsgethealthytoday.com/

    I now have a web page with content that is ranked in Google. I have tried to create thoughtful content that is informative,helpful and original. It is helpful that there are action steps to follow to keep me moving in a forward progression. Without these lessons I would never have been able to get this far on my own. I have met so many members here that are always willing to help and give encouragement. I have joined two of the Webinars and have found them informative and enjoyable. I have looked at the live chat but have not really joined in much. What has been most helpful are the comment sections at the end of the lessons. When I posted my website for advice I received a quick response and helpful advice. I really am encouraged by how everyone participates in the lessons and are so willing to help. People have been quick to respond and willing to answer questions or give advice. When I really felt out of sorts I PM Eddy who I joined WA through and he not only gave me encouragement but links to look at that were directly related to what I needed. I am so grateful to everyone. A big thanks to the community here. Also a Big AT A Boy! to you all.

    What's Next

    My current goal is to keep moving forward with the lessons. This will help with my overall goal of getting my website to a point of earning an income. One of the next things I hope to accomplish is adding affiliates to my site. I really want this site to start making some sort of an income soon. So all my efforts are going into the steps that will help me achieve that ultimate goal. In three months I hope to be earning any income at all. In six months I want to increase that income by about 1/3 to 1/2 of what I was making.

    Well its time to get moving again. Thanks to all here who have followed me and have been willing to give encouragement and advice. Without that it would have been impossible to move forward. Robin.

    Recent Comments


    You are doing just fine Robin :) You are working on your goals and achieving them :)

    Thanks for sharing. I have zero experience as well, and you gave me hope! So thanks!

    Hi Robin, I've just looked at your site. It looks awesome and it has some really informative content!! You've done an amazing job.

    ciarato1 Thanks for looking at it. Glad you think it is good.

    Great job Robin!

    Arick Thanks for taking a look at it. Robin.

    Nice looking. I have to say you are making a good progress keep it up. :)

    Nice site. Cute puppy! You in a good place and we will make the necessary changes in our lives and be successful! With the entire community behind us, how can we fail?

    Welcome and I look forward to watching your successes!


    Thank You Brenda. You are so right. Blessings to you. Robin

    I'm proud of you Robin! You're taking steps in the right direction. You're celebrating the little wins and you have realistic expectations. You're also taking full advantage of the community which some people fail to do. You're doing great except for the fact you spelled my name wrong. LOL

    Keep up the good work.

    Eddy with a Y. lol

    I am sorry I misspelled you name. Nice thing is I can edit and fix it. Thanks for all the help. I did get accepted by Coffees of Hawaii Affiliate Program. I haven't added them yet. Not really sure that my site has had any visitors. I know that it is ranked on Google but I do not know what that rank is or how to find out. I will keep going. I have determined that it is best to follow the lessons in the order they come. I think I get impatient and want it to all start working now. I have some internal pressure to get this working. I know that I need to have a new source of income next year to replace an income I am loosing.
    Someone suggested that my headings and subheadings needed to be more reader friendly. I was wondering how this would effect my Google ranking if I changed them to be more like a sentence? My goal is to keep moving ahead and get through all the lessons then I will know more. Thanks again Robin.

    No worries Robin. It happens so often, I just like busting people's chops about it.

    Congrats on getting accepted in a affiliate program. You're on your way. Just want to address a few things you mentioned.

    1. Yes you should always follow the lessons step by step. Jumping around is your enemy. I've seen people miss so many important points hopping around. Often times many questions I end up seeing are because people didn't complete lessons properly or skipped around. But if you follow the lessons as set up you avoid a lot of the confusion or feelings of being overwhelmed that some people feel. I also suggest going back and re-reading lessons. Sometimes you see things differently after walking away and coming back a second or 3rd time.

    2. In terms of tracking your visitors, You should probably visit the following pages:

    3. I think many of us feel the pressure to succeed with this for many reasons. But at the end of the day, this is a marathon. We're talking about making our dreams happen so we have to give it as much time as it takes. I've gone into details about this here:
    https://my.wealthyaffiliate.com/eddysalomon/blog/how-long-will-it-take-me-to-be-successful So just keep that in mind.

    4. In terms of headlines, I use them as way to keep people reading especially if my article is going to be long. But some headlines are purely used for an SEO standpoint. So I do a combination of both. You can read more about headlines here:


    Okay, I hope this helps. You're on the right track.

    Eddy with a y.

    I tried to go to your site but it said it was unavailable

    http://letsgethealthytoday.com/ Sorry I did not put in the whole link. This one should be better. Thanks for looking at it. Robin.

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