Include 5 senses in your writing to add interest

Last Update: September 10, 2015

I am always looking for ways to improve my writing so I look for articles that inspire me to do that. Flip Board was part of Window's 10 upgrade so I joined. Today I noticed an article that may help us create copy for our pages. Involving the 5 senses is a way to bring more interest and life to our pages. Creating a word picture so that what is written and bring a visual picture to the audience and capture their interest.

Here is the link.

Happy Writing.


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Judy-B Premium
This is how I do my writing, using the senses. A newspaper man taught me that. I'll have to read the article too. Thanks and will bookmark. :)
RobinTheresa Premium
Hi Judy. I know I was taught this in school but that was a long time ago. I knew I needed to improve my writing skills and this was a good reminder. Glad to have found it and and that I Could share it. Best wishes. Robin
Dmorrow Premium
Thanks Robin. I've bookmarked this for my weekend reading!

Sigrun Premium
Thanks for sharing, Robin, I haven't yet read it but put a bookmark, it seems to be very interesting!
fyre Premium
Great article! Thank you!