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This article came to my inbox today and after taking the time to read it I thought it was so good I wanted to share it with others. How we increased Design School's Traffic to 1 million visits. Author Tom SlackBranding & Corporate IdentityThis article shows the steps taken to improve the traffic to their blog and how this resulted in them reaching 1 million sessions in a calendar month. Yes the blogs have been successful from the beginning yet they were seeing some relationships where the a
Why offer a free week of training.1) to let you see for yourself There are many asking you invest in their product or service and it is sometimes difficult to know if it is a legitimate company. There are signs or red flags to make us hesitate or think twice about clicking the next button and revealing our information. Some looking for the next get rich fad will proceed and ignore the red flags and the gut feelings that something is not quite right. The promise of making a quick dollar is so
This is to help explain how to find the text view where code for banners and adds can be placed. These codes must be placed here and not in the visual tab. So these views are to help explain how to find this area. First log into your word press website Dashboard.On this menu is a menu option for pages. Hover your mouse over this option and as the smaller submenu appears click on "All Pages" Click On Pages or hover over pages and click on All PagesAfter click on "All Pages" this next view
I am always looking for ways to improve my writing so I look for articles that inspire me to do that. Flip Board was part of Window's 10 upgrade so I joined. Today I noticed an article that may help us create copy for our pages. Involving the 5 senses is a way to bring more interest and life to our pages. Creating a word picture so that what is written and bring a visual picture to the audience and capture their interest. Here is the link.
Where I've been Its been a loooong journey back and so much has happened. After selling my house and buying a new one, my dad and husband being in and out of the hospital several times and having a new puppy I am surprised I am still able to think. Of course with a new house comes a whole new set off issues. I had unwanted visitors in my back yard so I went to work on the overgrown bushes, cut down a tree and then started on the front yard. That was in pretty bad shape also. Well yesterday
So much has happened and I have had to be away from WA and my website but I hope to be back at it soon. Summer was filled with family events and obligations that took up a lot of my time. I tried working for a while and that turned into something unsuccessful for me. It was also time for me to think about selling my house. That meant getting it cleaned and fixed up. November came and it was time to pack up as much as I could and put it in storage to make the house presentable to show. Find
November 07, 2014
Wealthy Affiliate Review I have been with Wealthy Affiliate since April of 2014, have completed the Getting started Courses to level 4, created a website of my own, and started the Bootcamp courses. Negative Reviews I have recently noticed some negative reviews about Wealthy Affiliate and would like to respond to a few points. Pushing Wealthy Affiliate One is that Wealthy Affiliate is pushing to get us to promote Wealthy Affiliate. In my experience they have given u
Starting out with no knowledge at all on internet marketing has not hindered me from succeeding with Wealthy Affiliate at all. The training has moved me along a steady path and with improvements all long the way. There is still a lot more to learn but a lot of it is going to be experience in applying what has been taught. I have learned the basics of how to set up a website, to buying a domain and transferring that site to the domain. I have learned about creating content and the need to hav
Your progress thus farYour website that you have createdAny successes (not just financial, but things you are proud of)Your plans and goals in the upcoming 3 monthsYour plans and goals in the upcoming 6 monthsMy Progress After being here a month I have learned many new things and have gone into areas beyond my comfort zone. This has definitely been a stretch for me. However I am succeeding at moving forward. I enjoy each new accomplishment and now even look forward to the next challenge. The
Hooray! I did it. My site is transferred and I can access it through WA. This was such a hard step for me to take but I watched and re watched the video of Kyle explaining how to do it. Trying to make sure I did not forget any steps. And the great thing is that it happened just the way he said it would. I did have an error message but after I checked what I typed and corrected it, my site was working. Thanks so much to everyone for your advice and support with this. I read and applied e