$74.00 in My Sleep!

Last Update: March 23, 2016

Well I went to bed last night and got a bit of a surprise this morning.

I checked my Amazon account and saw that someone had gone through my website and made a rather large purchase while I was asleep.

There it was right in front of me $74:00 in commission would be coming to me very soon.

This brings my total for this month to just under $100 in fact it's $92.82 at the moment.

As I keep saying in my other blog posts - I just need to start working a bit harder and I really will start to see some great returns from the training here at WA.

I really does work. Each blog post that I have made following the training is on the first page of google.

My site is making money because people are seeing it then buying my recommended products . Even with just three blog posts reviewing individual products I am making money.

Imagine what I could do with 100 pages or more!

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Pios2012 Premium
Congratulations!! Don't stop now, reach for the stars.
mckm Premium
I'm so pleased for you. Well done
gardenguy Premium
Congratulations Rob.........very glad to see this for you.
JudeP Premium
Yay, well done Rob :)
Robg1 Premium
Thanks Jude
PIOFJR Premium
Congrats Rob.
Robg1 Premium