How To Rank High With Keywords

Last Update: December 11, 2017

Keyword Factors To Aid Website Rank

Hi Folks a short blog on keywords as a lot of new members seem to be having trouble understanding the principles of using them. This means the where to and how to.


One of the things you should concentrate on when writing your articles is to have relevant keywords in your anchors. Ideally, the same keywords you want that article to rank for.

Example: In this article for SiteProNews one of the entries is entitled How to Do SEO for a Brand New Website. To boost its rankings, you would link to it using SEO for a brand new website as an anchor. Get the idea now?


Ideally, your keyword should be part of your title, and preferably at the beginning. However, if it’s a complicated long-tail keyword, you should sacrifice a catchy headline for a small SEO gain.

You can compensate with LSI (Latent Semantic Indexing) keywords and going for a long article


This one goes without saying. No piece of content will ever get a high listing in the SERPs if you don’t add your very best keyword into it. You can read more on choosing keywords that matter to your business goals here.


There has been a lot of talk about the right keyword density. The general consensus is that the right keyword density is between five percent and 2.5 percent.

One thing is certain: keyword-stuffed articles are a thing of the past. They will usually be labelled as spam by search engines and penalized heavily.

Your formula should rely on thorough keyword research, long form content and LSI keywords.

Meta Description

This is the one I see a lot of members skipping over, and certainly to their cost I might add. There is absolutely no excuse for skipping over it folks. Your keyword should always be part of your meta description. It is the best way to let search engines know what your page is about.

There you go folks and now I hope all those who are having trouble understanding where they go and the best way to use their keywords read this blog.

Please help them out by leaving your own tips and advice via a comment below.

Have a great week and be successful.

Robert Allan

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DBeatty Premium
Thank you for another informative blog.
Robert-A Premium
His Debra, hope this blog has given you a better understanding on how and where to use keywords.
If not I have published others so feel free to browse.
Enjoy your Sunday.
melpeace36 Premium
Great information. Thank you for sharing.
Robert-A Premium
Hello Melissa and thank you for dropping by and reading the blog.
You are sure to have went away with a better understanding of keywords.
I have published other blogs on this subject so feel free to browse.
Enjoy your day and the week to come.
Lazyblogger Premium
You right on with this Robert, great training. What approach should we have to our images? Thanks!
Robert-A Premium
Hello David and thank you for reading my blog.
The Alt Tag should always be used within an image, especially the first image on the page.
Thereafter you can use secondary keywords (second best).
Hope you went away with a few tips you can use within your own posts.
DEversley Premium
Quite informative Robert.
Thanks so much for sharing your expert advice.

All the best to you!

Robert-A Premium
No probs David and happy to point members in the right direction.
Thank you for reading the blog and for your kind words.
Enjoy your day.
MKearns Premium
Positioning is everything I see. Thank you Robert!
Robert-A Premium
Yes indeed Mike.
The where to and how to are the most important aspects of keyword seo to get right and in most cases right first time because ones inserted you shouldn't really change them except perhaps within the body of the content.
Thank you for reading my blog and for your comment.
Have a great Sunday.
MKearns Premium
I'll be the when is is covered in seasonal sites Robert! Good points