What I really miss here at WA

Last Update: July 11, 2021

I love the platform that`s why I`m not going anywhere but I really wish WA had a "freelancing section".

I`m not a techie and I do find I`m stuck at so many little tasks, should I just say I have two left hands when it comes to technical matters, watching Youtube Videos can not help in such cases.

When I first learned about WA, there was a ( I don`t remember the word as I did not join back then) but let`s call it a freelancing space inside WA.

This is something they should bring back. We all know many of us to have to outsource time and again, why not let members outsource to other members who are good freelancers? by freelancing, it can be WP, or whatever, there are some technical issues some of us can`t solve on our own. I`m sure it can work.

What makes me bring this up now? I`m having issues with my site right now and I know I will feel more comfortable outsourcing to another member than going to some freelancing site and letting someone in my Admin area.

What do you guys say? Should we talk to authorities that be for a trial?

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Jocelyn30 Premium
HI Roamy,

I am one of you, not tech savvy, but my experience i found few mentors and I go with them through PM, and they are very helpful and walk me through step by step.

Trust issue is not my concern as am still learning the platform and starting to ground Zero, so far I am getting the grasp of my training!

Since am in this level, my trusting to our community/helper is all there, as I put it this way, I am still learning and for sure as you go along the training you got more understanding

And you will be good by then cuz of they walk you through and save you frustration and focus on your training continually:) This is just me:)

If in the end they do the plagiarism then it is easy for you to get new Domain and transfer then closed that acct. At least you stop her to continued, beside she will get the Karma not you!

Again this is my only opinion as I am also in the mentors help mercy, LOL I hope somehow it will make you not to focus so much in trusting issue WA community, so to save you by frustration moment:)

Just trying to cheer you up

roamy Premium
thanks but I`m still sure it will make a big difference if we could get someone TO DO IT for a price.
What`s the point (in my opinion) trying to do something for a full week or longer and not managing it if I know that with the right tools and guidelines in place, someone could do it in an hour?
When it comes to technical things, I'm just double left-handed and this is frustrating.
Jocelyn30 Premium
Ok I will ask one of my mentor see if got room for you to walk you through so it helps you to get out step by step!

I see your point, let’s find a solution shall we!

miloncashgal Premium
Love and agree with your idea. We get to know n trust our friends here at WA, freelancing would be great help. Great blog
jvranjes Premium
I would be careful with feeling "more comfortable outsourcing to another member".

I know a person who did this and gave access to a helper who was the so-called ambassador who replaced the affiliate links of the site owner with her own affiliate links.

This same person "wrote" texts (for money) for the site owner, and they turned out to be exact copies of texts published on the site of that helper.

But there is more, when the site owner realized what was happening and confronted the friendly ambassador, the later reported the site owner to Google for plagiarism.

There are criminals everywhere.
roamy Premium
I wish you could have seen my face now, the look of horrified. OMG people can be horrible.
Such things make me think twice when I need to outsource, but there are some problems I do get that are beyond my knowledge.I hope you remember my recent post about problems with AAWP, thankfully that wasn`t even the problem, the problem was Elementor. A serious mess that I feel I need a freelancer.
But reading from you now, it still confirms my fears of letting someone into my Admin area
jvranjes Premium
I understand you well. I was also in shock when I heard this story from that unlucky person. She contacted me asking for advice what to do.

What is even worse, that ambassador presented herself to the victim as a pious person, I guess to gain her trust. The victim had problem with arthritis and could not type, this is why she offered her to write texts for money, and then the rest followed. It is simply incredible what people can do to others.

This is why I am reluctant to give access to my site to anybody. So it is a hard decision. Do it if you have to, but find a professional and try to check later if links are OK.

I remember your issue. Good that it was not AAWP which I am using too for several years already and it works great.
Feochadan Premium Plus
Too true - but this can happen outside of WA, too. How honest is the person you hire from Fiverr or UpWork? I would rather contract someone from WA and then put it through a plagiarism checker and, most importantly, check the links.
GeoffreyC1 Premium
Good idea.
roamy Premium
There are times I`m stuck and no tutorial will help especially the technical stuff, then I just need someone else to take care of it, which better place to find someone than WA?
SamiWilliams Premium
I appreciate the question from you- and I also understand the position our owners have. It is too bad that policing this is such a hassel.
I too have issues I would love to have a trusted WA member help me with.
Thanks for the post about something I had wondered about.
roamy Premium
You are not alone, there are many of us out there that would appreciate "letting someone else do it" than spending days, weeks trying to solve what`s almost impossible (to us) yet someone else can do it in minutes.