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As some of you know, I`m terrible in Social Media,I tried facebook(still do) but it just feels like forcing a round peg into a square hole and expecting it to fit.Twitter...not my thing, Instagram ..foreign language to me.Still, I had to be good at some social media so I bought 2 courses on pinterest tutorial for business and got the best I could out of both so I can now use Pinterest.What has always bothered me with Pinterest is that Pins gets stolen and re-direct as soon as they gain traction
I have been pinning for almost a year now and in this time I have asked myself why I did not start pinning earlier.In that time, I have also come to realize some Niches do not do very well on Pinterest nomatter how hard you try. I have a MMO niche site and a skin care niche site. Both have their fair amount of traffic, there are also slumps that NOTHING goes on.But in general you should use Pinterest, I talked about it in an earlier post here if you missed it.Although there are problems with st
Social media sharing is something we all need as bloggers, but is social sharing more important than your content? the answer is NO.Today I visited a site and I was surprised that the owner does not even notice that the social share buttons are blocking ALL his/her content at the beginning.(left side)We mostly use the social share button on the left side of our blog, but have you really checked to make sure the social share buttons are not blocking your content? the shares are not of much use
Recently I talked to a member on live chat, he was unhappy because hie site was 1 year always adding content and making no sales, so I told him to let me look, I might get something he missed. In minutes I saw what was missing, not a single CTA, talked about products but did not link them anywhere,So it was very good and informative post after another but no links to buy,few that mentioned you can find the product in Amazon still did not link.So I told him what I thought, the guy was surprised,
February 01, 2019
I have a skin care website so I also see loads of skin care pins and blogs.I see that there are so many skin care blogs with home made products.Aloevera, tea,tomato,lemon, banana and whatever.Now I have never been really someone to use home made skin care products but I`m curious to know something.If someone is blogging about home made facial care products, how do you make money? I have tried to check some of these blogs but can really not figure out what they sell for affiliate products.I mean
I was brought up knoing it was a no-no asking someone what they earn,you could also not ask someone what they earn,no exception and they could not ask you either.I don`t ask my hubby how much he earns etcBut since I started onlinie I see alot of "I earned this much last month brilliant".I have come to learn that some of these reports are fake.I know 4 members here struggling but their post on social media and on their blog promotion talks of 5 figures earned last month, and the month before and
Like many here, I have tried different niches, for whatever reason,it comes a time I feel a Niche is nolonger interesting or whatever then try something different.This is nolonger the case but happened quite alot when I first got started.Along the way, I have come to know that there are some niches that are so competitive it`s hard to make money.I`m talking from experience,I have a skin care site, 141 posts,(used to be over 200 but removed some posts) the site is 1 year and 2 months.In this tim
So today I got that "bad" email "Your most recent scheduled payment for your membership failed" how time moves? I have been here 4 years.My Blackfriday upgrade as you can see comes later, than other people, I joined WA Mid Dec then upgraded yearly, this meant I could not take advantage of the black friday, but last year, Kyle made an excepton after I talked to him so now my blackfiday yearly upgrade is on 27th Dec. And my CC expired in Nov, renewed it but had not yet change
When Done right,Pinterest traffic is like no other lets see if I can link the image and numbers. The image is huge and I`m unsure how to reduce it correctly, this image was posted on 30th Nov this year and here are the numbers,took 5 minutes to create and a minute to pin on pinterest and that`s all I did and ..check the numbers below.If you`re not using pinterest, you have to .Now not considering the time I used to write the post, this image took minutes and I`m very happy with the numbers.Goo
I blogged about stolen pins, After spending time trying to find my redirecting pins and Pinterest remove them, I appreciate that it`s hard work, looking for a pin is real hard work, it`s a very slow process and I keep feeling like giving up.But as mentioned in my last blog here "don`t be me".Pinterest was my main traffic source so when it almost stopped I had to know why.As you can see here it dropped so much.Pinterest removes stolen images within 24-hours the time you find that re-di