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I`ve come to learn that in online marketing, some things just don`t work, and Jaaxy is one such thing that does not work for me.I do not promote it differently than I do other affiliates' products, it`s not only a nameless and faceless link placed without a reason. But, Jaaxy is one of those programs where I can`t figure out where I`m doing it so wrong.225 all-time referrals and Zero upgrades.I can not write a post without doing Keyword research, and I'm sure these people join Jaaxy because the
I love the platform that`s why I`m not going anywhere but I really wish WA had a "freelancing section".I`m not a techie and I do find I`m stuck at so many little tasks, should I just say I have two left hands when it comes to technical matters, watching Youtube Videos can not help in such cases.When I first learned about WA, there was a ( I don`t remember the word as I did not join back then) but let`s call it a freelancing space inside WA.This is something they should bring back. We all know m
Recently while researching an easy to rank for a keyword, I was surprised to see that top-ranking sites each had over 6000 words. I blogged about it here. Knowing I had to give my best to stand a chance at ranking on page 1, I managed to get 4000 words ( a real feat)most of my posts are usually about 1500 wordsOne week later, my post is on page one and I couldn't be more proud because the sites on page one for this particular keyword are big guys like Neil Patel.Keep working, give your best, an
While looking for competitors in Jaaxy for a very easy to rank for keyword (qsr 77) I was surprised at the amount of content the top-ranking posts wrote.Ok these are some huge sites, but the site ranking on page 1number 2 has over 20,000 words and I thought to myself, no wonder I struggle to rank number one for easy keywords.Now I went and checked the sites, some are ALL only content( no comment to increase the word count)Saying I felt small is an understatement, how do I outrank a site with 6
I`ve been online long enough now, I`ve had ups and downs, more downs than ups. I keep letting life get in the way is what it is.Yesterday I made ALMOST the best sale I`ve ever made online apart from my first sale way back. It was only $46 so my commission will be maybe $2 as the sale was on Amazon.What makes it a good sale then?The sale was from a site I started and abandoned faster than it took me to start it, the site was created in 2018, I managed to create 18 posts then jus
Creating a website is so easy. It`s funny when I say that today but it`s true, when I joined WA, I thought WordPress had something to do with a newspaper. Please don`t laugh. Then Kyle confidently said in the training "not to be afraid to create a website, it`s easy and possible" or some words along those lines and I thought he must be kidding.After 6 years, I realize those words were so true, I think creating a website is the easiest part of online business. Growing that website until it`s pro
I asked for comments.Something weired happened, with in exactly 47 seconds of hitting submit, there was this generic comment already.I was still hanging around as I had to take a screen shot to send site support,that`s why I know it was 47 seconds until a "comment came back in"I felt so dissapointed that there are so dishonest people.What will a $1(2 credits) do? to make a person disrespect another persons investment and work?( I have to invest 2 credits to get comments)I rarely disaprove comme
I`ve been here.............almost 5 years, in that time, I`ve seen people come and go, people get successful, people spend time trying to answer any and every post they can find, I respect that.Some posts are replied with a 5 word or less "well done, happy for you" and stuff like that.It`s all ok, WA dashboard is here for us to practice our writing skills because like me, there are many people here who need practice and I`m greatful to be able to write a post here,have people read it, maybe ans
So I bought a plugin, I do not believe on buying plugins but I felt this is a must have.After paying $99, the plugin could not connect and I kept having a message that I had an invalid signature (what a scream, my signature is the same) so I sent a support ticket asking for help.Message was sent on 27th at 19.24, I did not get an answer until Oct 28th at 7.54 pm.It does not help that I was already feeling dissapointed that a simple support could take so longThe image above shows where my probl
For anyone who`s had a site that`s just decided to make trouble, you may know the feeling.My site "just changed" the dashboard at the admin area and I could not figure it out.I tried it then just gave up, it`s an up and coming site so no hurry, my hands are busy anyway.So today was another day, I could not figure out the dashboard(head down, I`ve been blogging for 5 years).I even changed themes hoping it had to do with the theme, nothing worked.then I thought "ok, im going to write the post in