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I asked for comments.Something weired happened, with in exactly 47 seconds of hitting submit, there was this generic comment already.I was still hanging around as I had to take a screen shot to send site support,that`s why I know it was 47 seconds until a "comment came back in"I felt so dissapointed that there are so dishonest people.What will a $1(2 credits) do? to make a person disrespect another persons investment and work?( I have to invest 2 credits to get comments)I rarely disaprove comme
I`ve been here.............almost 5 years, in that time, I`ve seen people come and go, people get successful, people spend time trying to answer any and every post they can find, I respect that.Some posts are replied with a 5 word or less "well done, happy for you" and stuff like that.It`s all ok, WA dashboard is here for us to practice our writing skills because like me, there are many people here who need practice and I`m greatful to be able to write a post here,have people read it, maybe ans
So I bought a plugin, I do not believe on buying plugins but I felt this is a must have.After paying $99, the plugin could not connect and I kept having a message that I had an invalid signature (what a scream, my signature is the same) so I sent a support ticket asking for help.Message was sent on 27th at 19.24, I did not get an answer until Oct 28th at 7.54 pm.It does not help that I was already feeling dissapointed that a simple support could take so longThe image above shows where my probl
For anyone who`s had a site that`s just decided to make trouble, you may know the feeling.My site "just changed" the dashboard at the admin area and I could not figure it out.I tried it then just gave up, it`s an up and coming site so no hurry, my hands are busy anyway.So today was another day, I could not figure out the dashboard(head down, I`ve been blogging for 5 years).I even changed themes hoping it had to do with the theme, nothing worked.then I thought "ok, im going to write the post in
So, I still have Amazon products on my sites.With over 400 posts, this is not a quick thing to change affiliate products and links.But lately when I check my Amazon product links,the links land to totally different products.I will have a ... coconut oil on my site and link to Amazon coconut oil, but when I click on my site ans land on Amazon, I land on some random products, just not where I`m supposed to land.Minutes ago, I clicked a skin care masque link, but I landed on a cat food site on Ama
I hope you don`t know the feeling, having a job but still feeling employment insecurity.I hate my job, I really do.Yes It pays the bills, and all that but job insecurity is never far away.I`ve been in the same place for some time now.It`s not a large company by any means, but I have come to accept that loosing your job in my working place is as quick as.I was on vacation last week, today when I went into work,I happen to meet my supperior going out and says, "it`s goodbye for now, because I`m g
Last 10 days or so, traffic started dissapearing from my website, then I thought well it`s only temporary.Yesterday when I checked my analytics, I got less than 100 impressions from something is seriously wrong.Went to Pinterest and decided to have a good look around and it did not take me long.I found a fake name I guess.Here`s the profile But what I don`t understand is why me? this person ONLY has my pins, not from other bloggers,
I could not put in the whole image sorry for that.As you guys know, I`m working on removing Amazon affiliate links from my site, but with so many posts and so many links, the process is not as quick, as I had imagined, there are some posts I have to tweak here and there, there are products I struggle to find in other affiliate networks.But the image above speaks for itself. And remember Amazon is a 24-hour cookie so there is no chance a click that did not make a purchase might do so next week a
As all affiliates know Amazon affiliate commission rates dropped to the lowest they could.Now as an amazon affiliate you`ll have to sell thousands of products to make any money to talk of.People in personal care and other niches only get 1% affiliate commission,my niche is also affected as I`m in skin care so most products I sell also fall unuder personal care which also pay 1%.I`ve been doing my best to change links to other affiliate networks but this takes time as there are some posts I need
May 10, 2020
I have been here and I`m still here to stay.Long live WA, I`m not going anywhere anytime soon.It`s a no brainer really WA is the best place to learn affiliate marketing and everything wordpress, blogging, plugins, and all that goes with creating a successful online business.Yes, I`ve been distracted many times with shiny objects, but I soon find that even the high priced courses do not even scratch the surface not to mention the extras you`re supposed to purchase. The "must have secret tool" th