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December 17, 2021
It`s so hard to figure out a niche, some of us end up jumping from one niche to the next.Yes I`ve been making money since I joined WA, don`t ask me how.I knew nothing about making money online but created site about making money online. Although I have a strong E:A: T and a niche in one of the EATs(skincare and dermatology), it`s not my passion and writing there is always a serious task.Fast forward, recently I thought of something I used to do.I was a holiday junkie, a nomad, nothing beat the
What a rookie mistake? It`s 3 am as I write this "I know, I know, I'm free tomorrow and I`ve always been a night owl"So after spending more than 4 hours writing a post, I did the unthinkable, something that mostly happens to beginners. I wrote, published then I thought" I might need one more image"I create an image in Canva and insert it, then I feel it`s not sitting right, so I click back and just like switching off a light, most of my post is gone.It`s crazy because it`s not in my drafts and
November 04, 2021
I don`t know about you, but I shop mostly offline. I`ve been shopping online since the late 90(am I so old?) But when I shop online, it`s mostly for books, flights, and hotels when I travel.Over the years, I`ve bought some clothes online, but, 90% of the time, they don`t fit or they are like nothing I saw online when they get here.Most of the time, I keep the bad shopping and donate them to goodwill.Wrong Product Description or wrong size?Since I started affiliate marketing, I have also noticed
Maybe that`s not even the right heading but to me it is. As some of you may remember, negative things happened to my sites that were just beyond my control,(this happened over a period of time) but by the time the worst one hit, it was like a website sunami, I didn`t see a way out.I Couldn't Explain My ProblemTo make matters worse, I have problems explaining exactly what the problem is (English can be hard) so it took me time( with trial and error with some freelancers) to find the right person
September 12, 2021
Maybe you`ve had the problem before, something has broken on your website that no matter what you do, you just don`t see a way out.I`ve been there many times before, but the last one was the worst, when nothing worked, when a 1000+ word appeared as a single paragraph because of some plugins I used. It got so bad my posts were mostly on page 7+ and traffic trickled down to almost zero.If You can`t fix it, look for helpIt may sound easy, I`m sure some of you have asked for help and got some gene
I`m sure you`ve read somewhere "must-have plugin for WordPress" The best page builder,the best image optimizer, and who knows what.But before you rush to upload, please ask yourself, Do you really need that plugin? In case things go wrong, what can you do?Will it really improve things?What`s really in it for you now that was not there before you found it?Can you do without it?If the answer is all yesBefore you do anything else, please backup your site.I did something that I USED TO DO WHEN I GO
For a year plus now, my work offline has been hard, when the pandemic hit,many people were let go and for those that stayed, we have to keep things moving.So recently,I was just like working nonstop, coming home at 8 pm, eating dinner then sleep before 9 pm most of the time because I was just too tired. So I asked my boss "but why are we really working like this"? and he told me "in Labour regulations, it`s allowed to make employees work 6 days a week so go on with it".So that`s what I and most
When we are growing up, we are all told to go to school, get a good secure job and your life will be easier, what a lie.There is nothing like job security, I work but I`m also very realistic my job could be cut any time, this feeling has never gone away since I found out that people are fired faster than they imagine.Being Fired From Your Job At 63I don`t know where you are, retirement age here is 64. But once you hit 50, finding a job becomes almost impossible, when you check vacant employment
I have been at this for 6 years now, more off and on, I never left WA, never abandoned my sites enough to let the domain expire, too much work has gone there to let that happen, just get tired along the way then take a break then get back to work when I feel ready. But for the whole of last year and this year, I just don`t seem to get out of the deep.As my title says blogging is hard, when you think you have it going, something comes up and messes everything. I`ve had all the ups and downs in m
I`ve come to learn that in online marketing, some things just don`t work, and Jaaxy is one such thing that does not work for me.I do not promote it differently than I do other affiliates' products, it`s not only a nameless and faceless link placed without a reason. But, Jaaxy is one of those programs where I can`t figure out where I`m doing it so wrong.225 all-time referrals and Zero upgrades.I can not write a post without doing Keyword research, and I'm sure these people join Jaaxy because the