The Number 1 Reason I Hate My Job Is Employment Insecurity

Last Update: August 31, 2020

I hope you don`t know the feeling, having a job but still feeling employment insecurity.I hate my job, I really do.Yes It pays the bills, and all that but job insecurity is never far away.I`ve been in the same place for some time now.

It`s not a large company by any means, but I have come to accept that loosing your job in my working place is as quick as.I was on vacation last week, today when I went into work,I happen to meet my supperior going out and says, "it`s goodbye for now, because I`m going".

I did`t even know what to say, what could I say to ease the pain and dissapointment for this person.Later when I went to check, I realized 3 people have lost their job in just 1 week.

Now my work place is not in any way affected by the C-19 financial wise, so this was just a "we don`t like you so you`re going"

I felt so hurt for the work mate, I came home and thought I`ll start crying, at this time, it`s hard to find a new job so to lose a job for whatever reason when you have a family to support is just terrible.

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When I saw this title in my email notifications, I thought of you. I know it's been hard on you in your situation. Tonight, after answering your email, I decided to find out whose blog this was.

I've had my share of employment blogs with much of the same sentiments as yours. When you are in a job situation you don't like nor have any passion for, it is dreadful.

I know you like the rural situation you live in, being in a small village, but it also has its drawbacks as you have told me. Would going to a place like Zurich or Bern be helpful in the way of employment? The slim pickings in rural living has been causing problems for you.

I am sure you've given thought to this. The trouble with employment is that you trade your time over to employers as you know. It can be miserable as this has been the case with you.

I have told you about the At-Will Act. This is exactly what you said here when you said one could be fired just because they don't like the colour of your hair. It's racist but in a legal way. It is a shame to see this kind of struggling amidst employees because you can be terminated for no reason at all. The Act did protect the employee a century ago, but that was then. Employers have quickly found loopholes with this as well!

All you can do is the best you can and hope, that if it happens, a solution or an opportunity will arise. I had a lot of issues in employment because I look at the world differently than most people do. I suffered for it, many times becoming homeless and others, having to take jobs I absolutely hated. It has not been easy. I can empathize with you. I wish I could do more than this. I know this is easier said than done, but sounds like you need to relocate. You know far more about your situation than I do of course, but there has to be an alternative somewhere.

roamy Premium
Hi there Daniel
Thanks, I really appreciate it.
Rural isolated living was not without much thought,I`ve been living here in rural life for almost 10 years now.Healthwise, it`s done wonders I should say, employment wise ( I just first held my head thinking what to write) it`s a disaster.
So there are just 2 choices, stay here and be somehow healthy or live in a different place where employment is easier to come by in somewhat acceptable conditions, then I find myself answering immediately, I will live here where I am right now.
Employment just sucks.
I was living in Zurich for years before my problems began and there could not have been a better place to live( for me) but once my health issues started and kept getting worse, I had to get out of there and I don`t see myself living in any large city again.
Thanks Daniel I`m glad you understand.
Eugene Premium Plus
Oh Roamy you just told it like it is. I feel the same way, in my job there are around 20 people and only one person keeps getting recognized and is the one person who does not interact with the rest of us. It seems that he's the Boss favorite. WA is my way out and I hope that I can say goodbye to my job one day. Thanks for sharing your frustration.
roamy Premium
Like you, I`m looking forward to the day I`ll say goodbye to the employment world, it sucks and destroys you.
lhall1966 Premium
Prayers that better days are coming and that you'll no longer have to worry about your employment.

roamy Premium
Thanks, it`s funny because all the people who`ve lost their jobs since I`m there,90% were very good people, people you could count on.
My job insecurity will never end as long as I`m there, but then, I don`t have much chance of leaving.
I know there is no safe employment but in my working place being kicked out is like throwing out a piece of paper. so I`m always worried.
AbieAJ Premium Plus
Yep, thanks for the share
roamy Premium
There are some employers that if we could help it, we`ll not let them sign our pay check.
JeffreyBrown Premium
That is a heckuva good reason, Roamy!
roamy Premium
there is no safe employment, but some are just like you`re passing through as you don`t know when you`ll be let go, and that`s what my working place is, a place where you have a job but you keep hoping you don't have to start looking for a new job.