Free screen recording software for Mac

Last Update: February 28, 2020

I've been using free screen recording software to create training videos for my staff, but they always have the watermarks of the software providers, only removable once you pay to upgrade.

Then a friend changed my life.

Macs come with free screen recording software included on every computer!

Yep... turns out you can open up QuickTime player, navigate to "file" and select "Start New Screen Recording."

I've just moved detailed instructions over to a new training module:

Mac Users: Record Your Screen, Audio or Shoot a Video for FREE

Please check it out and leave a comment!

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RKingsley Premium
Updated with some more features I discovered!
IAnum1 Premium
Thanks Kingsley
johnzawad Premium
Thanks for that. Very useful.
TDenise Premium
Awesome tip! You're so helpful.
AdamBrzowski Premium
Don't use my Mac much but that is good to know.