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January 21, 2020
This is a cautionary tale about being prepared. I am mid-way through my first work-cation of the year - the Philippines, if you are interested. Volcanoes, bali-belly and infrastructural issues aside, I hope this helps you keep your failsafes up to date!OOPS!I packed my trusty laptop, jumped on a plane, stopped for a day to catch up on work in Manila, then took a 12 hour ride to a remote village in the mountains. Had my Phillipines data plan all set up so I could stay connected, had my charger h
Hi all,The other day I got a lifetime subscription fto Scopio for just $29, via the store. They are offering the same deal again for the next 6 days on this link: has thousands of images, and there are no licensing fees payable for most uses. Kind of like Shutterstock or other premium image sites, but without paying to actually use the images once you download them.In terms of image quality and quantity, it s
June 13, 2019
On behalf of a client, I have just put together the most intense sales funnel of my career so far. Here are the key criteria:Must leverage my entire existing audienceMust engage a wider audience than my ownMust re-engage audience members who drop out of the sales funnelCan you see how it works?HINT:The articles are all hosted on my website.
Sometimes we wonder why we have not achieved what we want. We wonder why our hard work has not already yielded success. In short, we lose track of how far we have come and how we are going to get to the next point!Personal experienceBusiness has been fairly good recently, but it has taken a long time to get here. While taking stock and trying to figure out why, so that I can focus on what works and what doesn't, I came to a surprising realization. My entire focus had changed from where it was 6
January 28, 2019
The following story is a personal experience. Although it's not directly related to my online business, I still learned a valuable lesson.Your Brand Matters!Over the weekend, I went to a small brewpub startup who bought some kegs from my beer company.That terrible photo above is a beer font with only one tap representing a brand. My brand. All the other beers were available, but not branded. Let's look into this!All of these taps had beer connected. Some of it was quality beer. However, no one
Late last year I formed a small media company, taking over their digital assets, most notably two successful news websites in a highly targeted B2B niche.COSTSOne of the immediate problems to resolve was the high costs of managing the digital assets. The highest (non-HR) cost was their mail database - we used infusionsoft at $300 per month. That's $3,600 per year. I switched to Mailchimp and cut that by a third, although as the subscriber base continues to grow, so will this cost (worth it!)The
A long time since my last post. I'd like to share what's been happening since then, to show you how I used the skills I learned at WA in a completely different way than expected.Some time ago I wrote a training guide, creating a roadmap to applying what you learn at Wealthy Affiliate to become your own boss. Since then, my path diverged from that of most affiliate marketers and led to some results I had never expected when I first joined WA.This is how I went from being an employee to owning a
...and it's a long one! You can check it out here: am a bit concerned about the length, it's a heavy read, but I really hope it brings value to other members.WA helped me replace my income, now let me help you :)
You read that right: After a few months here at WA, I have built an online business strong enough to fire my boss. ***Update, 24th June 2016***It just occurred to me that I have left out a very important point: That I would not have achieved this moment in my life without having discovered Wealthy Affiliate. So, a HUGE thank-you to Carson, Kyle, all the WA team and also to the fantastic and helpful community we have here.Thank you all so much!Background:If you have been following me since Novem
I'm getting fed up with certain users cut-and-pasting spam instead of providing real reviews. I always try hard to provide valuable insights, so it is very disappointing that this is happening.The two users in the picture below are serious repeat offenders.GRR!!