Happy New Year 2019

Last Update: December 29, 2018

Its been another Good Year

2018 is slowly coming to an end, now it's a perfect time to reflect on the goals we have achieved in the past year, as well as the goals we failed to achieve.

Why should We reflect on Our failures?

I failed so many times in life before I became successful. Today I look on failures as blessings and learning curves.

Failures are just as important to our growth as our successes. They teach us valuable lessons that'll help us create the life we want in the future

But we have to be willing to accept these failures so we can become aware of them and learn from our failures.

Don't be Hard on Yourself

So you failed to reach a particular so what? I used to freak out when I did not reach that particular goal which made me feel like a failure. I have learned not to be hard on myself anymore, because it had a negative impact on myself esteem, I felt demotivated and lost my self-confidence.

We tend to view our mistakes as a negative—some individuals believe that when you make a mistake, it suggest you are a loser and you not doing well, so you might as well quit.

Instead of feeling like quitting, take a minute to reflect on the goal that you never quite achieved and forgive yourself. Let go of any guilt or frustration, and turn your attention to what you gained from this experience.

Just remember Members, every failure contains a golden nugget of valuable lessons if you just take the time to look for them.

Keep looking for the lessons to be learned and apply them in your life as you set your goals for the year ahead, I guarantee you'll be better prepared to face any obstacle on your way to making 2019 your most exceptional year yet!

Whatever it is you're scared of doing, Do it. Make your mistakes, next year and forever.”
—Neil Gaiman

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newmarketpro Premium
Thanks for sharing your motivational thoughts Richard.
Mistakes and errors are definitely are great gurus.
We just hope we are not repeating them too often.

heljam404A Premium
If failures are golden nuggets then I guess I've got a truck load of them but with each of them there's a lesson to be had and I've learned a lot over the years. Thanks for a wonderful post.
Rich908 Premium
Glad you liked it

Happy New Year
Marley2016 Premium
Thank you, this means so much right now for me :)
And next year is going to be GREAT!!
Rich908 Premium
Make it a Great Year - I am

MKearns Premium
What we take with us!
newmarketpro Premium
Well said Neil and thank you for sharing your thoughts.
You're right - in every failure there is a gain. We are all learned more from it than from the successes we achieved.