New Beginning - New Journey - Life Changed

Last Update: July 18, 2018

My new beginning and in a new journey has changed my life. It all started out one night when I was searching online looking for a way where I could stay home with my kids and making money online. I heard of other stay at home mom making money online. They were doing online paid surveys, selling stuff online and using coupons to buy stuff cheap to resell in their mini story at their home. I was thinking how are they doing it. I wanted to have a way that I could earn money like that. I was eager to find a way. I didn't know how I was going to accomplish this but I was determined to find out. I got involved with many online opportunities. It just didn't feel right. It seemed a lot of work for just a few dollars here and there. I thought to myself there's got to be more to this then it seems. So I researched more. I saw some already made business in a box. Websites for sale and fully functional but too expensive. I tried to build my own website but had no idea on how to do it and what I needed to build one. There were some site that said they would train you and help you but you had to buy their system and become a member. I tried and bought their system and it was not what they promised. I felt totally lost and disappointed and determined to continue my research. I was not going to give up. I kept thinking how are other people doing it and how were these people driving nice cars and living in nice big beautiful homes. I wanted to have that lifestyle. I just wanted a piece of that not to be a billionaire unless it was God will. I wanted to have a car paid off in full no car payments, I wanted to have a home and not be renting, and be able to have money in the bank to not have to worry anymore. Be able to have a nice comfortable lifestyle. Taking vacations every year or take a cruise. See the world and do things with the family. Not to be stuck in a box and live pay check to pay check. Tossing and turning at night wondering if we will have enough money to pay bills and buy food. This is a terrible feeling and can cause a lot of stress on a family. I didn't want this for my family.

I was on a mission to change our family lives. This is when I came across a review on Weathly Affiliate. I said sure why not. I joined and started with the training in January 2016. I wasn't sure what Wealthy Affiliate was about back then and my free trail was over so I stopped because I couldn't afford to join Premium and didn't feel that it was worth it. That was the biggest mistake I ever made in my entire life. I didn't know it at the time. If I knew then what I know now I would have been already making money online. I wasted two year to find that out. I have made some big mistakes and choices in my life but not as stupid as this one.

I rejoined Wealthy Affiliate in June 2018 and that is the best thing I could have ever do for us. I didn't have access to anything anymore but I made a decision and went Premium. Going Premium is the best investment I have done. I have learned so much in a short amount of time. I have learned how to build a website, put quality content on it. I wake up everyday excited and eager to learn how to keep building my online business and I know this time I am going to stick out until I am successful. I know that I am in the best place ever to be surrounded with people that are willing to help you when you get stuck. Wealthy Affiliate has taught me how to be patient and to take my baby steps and by completely task. That is what makes a person successful its is the hard work and dedication. Also, to set goals that you can easily achieve and make progress. Once you accomplish this goal you can continue and repeat the process.

I am looking forward to a successful journey with Wealthy Affiliate and making my steps by steps in the training with Kyle. He explains everything that we need to know in great detail.

I am taking one day at a time. I feel grateful that I found a platform that I can truly make a business and that all the members are very helpful and I am proud to be a part of Wealthy Affiliate.

Thank You Wealthy Affiliate for giving me and my family an opportunity of a lifetime where we can build our online affiliate marketing business. For all the tools that we can use to be successful. Having members that are friendly and with experience helping each other to gain the experience so we can help others to be successful in the affiliate marketing industry. Having a safe place to come to talk with other like-minded people about our struggles and find the answers we need and sharing our accomplishments with. Getting all the support we need to build a successful online affiliate marketing business of our own. Giving me and my family a new beginning a new journey that have changed our lives to the better. Indeed, this is the best choice for me and my family. There is nothing else like Wealthy Affiliate out there unless you own your own business. I have looked and tried. Don't waste your time like I did. Do something for yourself and your family. Take the necessary steps to be successful in your life. Take action today and it will change your life.

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dwthomsen Premium
I wish you much success on your new journey! Endless blessings...
davehayes Premium
This is a great community, very marcg a large virtual online office, where you can't fail to learn, earn and be a wealthy affiliate
Sammy-B Premium
I'm glad you like it here, Mary. Enjoy your journey to success.