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Last Update: July 18, 2018

Lost and Frustrated

Before I joined Wealthy Affiliates I felt frustrated, lost and depressed. The reasons for my feelings I recently got fired from my job. They fired me. They did not give me any warnings and without any valid reasons. I found out later through a friend that they hired someone else to do my job for less money. I could not t believe that they did that to me after all the hard work I put into my job. Sometimes I stayed late.

Fired and Depressed

When they fired me from my job I fell into depression and this made me feel really bad it was like I failed in life. I never thought I would get fired in my life. In all my years of working considered myself to be dependable and the go to person. Now let me tell you a little about myself. I am responsible and hardworking. I only missed one day of work and 2 days I left early because I had something personal I had to take care of out of 1 1/2 years that I worked. This company wanted everything done handwritten and then enter the same information in the computer. I said to myself this is crazy to do double work.

Forever Searching The Internet

After many nights searching the internet for a job. My job search was unsuccessful. Either over qualified or I didn't have enough experience. I didn't have a degree. I thought about going back to school but that would take time. I needed to make money so I could help support my family. Many hours thinking to myself of a way to make money at home so I could be with my family. A lot of home based business like paid surveys, product reviews, get paid to read emails.You know the ones that I am talking about. Then I purchased the systems. Then they promise that will give you success (you know the ones). They take your money and then leave you to learn on your own or you have to pay more money out of your pocket to upgrade! Been there and done that very disappointing.

I kept on searching and searching all over the internet looking for a business I can do at home on my own time. Then I came across where you could purchase already made websites. At that time I really could not understand why it cost so much to purchase a website. I didn't have that kind of money. Being determined to be My Own Boss and it was a goal of mine. I was determined and on a mission to be my own boss. I was not committed to working for someone else anymore. Having them control my time and telling me when, where and how I had to work. Then them telling me that I couldn't take time off for personal reasons, or if one of my kids got sick I had to find someone else to pick them up and take care of them because my work wouldn't let me leave. Having them tell me what days I am able to take off. Which holidays they pay and which ones they don't. You see we put all our energy in and do our best and they are still not happy with you. You can work hard and they don't appreciate you and your work. They sometimes take you for granted and take advantage of you. Sometimes they even take credit for all your hard work you have done. They also control what time you can go to lunch and take your breaks. This is what happens when you work for someone else. It has happened to me. All business work like that. I never wanted to agree to it but I had to because I didn't know any better.

All My Life - My Own Boss

All my life I wanted to be someone and be My Own Boss I just didn't know how to until I learned about affiliate marketing and that's how I found Wealthy Affiliate. After many researches and other websites talking about how Wealthy Affiliates was a great place to learn and build a business I tried it. I am really glad I joined as a Starter Member. A newbie and I didn't know anything. The training got a little overwhelming and I gave up and went back researching again. I was doing paid survey. It took very long time and they paid and not worth it in my opinion. It was survey after surveys. Then I looked into playing games, reading emails to earn extra money. It didn't work out. I didn't give it a chance to. It didn't interest me I didn't see the potential in it. Don't get me wrong if it works for you that is great and good luck. I continued my search and learned about drop shipping. Interested but worried about import and export and refunds that kind of scared me. a So I continued to search and I learned about Affiliate Marketing and that interested me to sell other peoples products and get paid a commission sounds good to me but which ones and with whom. I thought to myself how am I going to do that?

Search Over - Wealthy Affiliate

So I had to continue my search again. I found a review about Wealthy Affiliate and I read it entirely again on what they offered and I said Hey I am already a member of Wealthy Affiliate so I said to myself I will give it another try. I logged back in and to my starter membership and started again but this time my trail was up and I had limited access. I was unable to communicate with anyone. So I said I am going to give it another try but this time I am doing it the right way and give it a 100%. I upgraded to Premium Membership. That where my life changed. That was the best investment I could ever do in my life.

Wealthy Affiliate is teaching me a lot that I would not have learned elsewhere. I am now in the process of building my website with the training. I never thought in a million years that I would be building a website. The step by step training videos are made so easy to walk through and do it as you go. I learned how to pick a niche, purchase a domain, how to write content, how to look for keyword, setting up an about me page, privacy page, inserting images, and the list goes on.

The Wealthy Affiliate Community is so helpful and nice about helping each other to be successful. They are teaching me and even the little stuff I need to know to be successful and to be my OWN BOSS and take control of my life. I am very grateful for them. If it wasn't for Weathy Affiliate and the community helping me I don't know what I would be doing now. I am so thankful to Wealthy Affiliate that they gave me and others an opportunity of a lifetime to build a business within their business. Thank you so much Wealthy Affiliate for changing my life and my family for the better.

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WendaSue Premium
Well done. I couldn't have said it better.
You go girl.
All the best,
Renede Premium
Thank you and all the best to you too.
WendaSue Premium
My pleasure.
HowardJaros Premium
Best wishes as you continue on Mary!
EandS2018 Premium
I’m certain you felt many emotions when you were fired , and we are sorry you were hurt BUT we are so happy you have a beautiful silver lining that has brought you to WA!

Much success,

Elaine $ Scarlett
CandP Premium
As Mike says, below, you can rebuild your business now and we are all here to help. Welcome and let's get to work!
Renede Premium
Thank you for your comment. I appreciate it.
MKearns Premium
WA rebuilds business lives, Mary!