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Last Update: June 26, 2018

This is all very new to me and pretty intimidating to be honest, but I love how Kyle walks me through every step. I am definitely a hands on and visual learner and all of the videos offered on here are a huge help. I was hesistant to sign up for the premium membership at first, but after learning what I have thus far, I'm eager to see just how far I can take this. I never dreamed that I might actually be able to be an online business entreprenuer. Now I believe that my dream could actually be obtainable and I have WA to thank for that. Eyes on the prize! I'm excited and determined to make this dream a lucrative reality. This isn't just about making a passive income for me (Eventhough, that's one heck on an incentive lol) It's about declaring my independence. Breaking free from dead end 9 to 5 jobs where I make other people rich and figuring out how to do what they did to become rich in the first place. Wish me luck!


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DenzelSr Premium
Glad you came to WealthyAffitiate go joyen us I like it and.
Don't know what I'm doing but still here.

Swangirl Premium
Hello Renata,

This really does work. I make enough now to pay for the membership and have a profit which is great! I took the slow boat since I work full time still but if I had focused on this more I would have reached this point sooner.

This is a long term investment in your own business and education. The skills we learn here can translate into many potential sources of income such as helping other businesses with their websites, working online as a freelancer writing articles, and helping others get started here at WA with referrals.

If you put in the time and follow the training you will be successful. Most people get discouraged and give up too soon. I thought about quitting many, many times. I am so glad I didn't! I have two websites now and everything I have achieved is due to the training and other helpful members here. I do not pay for any outside programs, I do not pay for advertising and I don't even spend much time on social media. I went down that road and learned I really had to focus on my content first. I rely on organic traffic, great keywords and strong SEO principles.

It works. Just get through the training and keep plugging away!
LanceLee Premium
Renata, You started pretty much the same as I did, except for one thing. I was a Technology Instructor for a Huge School Board, for several years. I was actually forced to retire, because I have had 11 reconstructive surgeries on my right leg, which led to severe nerve damage.

There was absolutely no way that I was going to allow myself to retire from working completely, at the age of 42. So I performed a very extensive research on ways to make money on line. There are literally THOUSANDS of cons, and scams on how to get rich quick out there; thankfully I didn't fall for any of them!

I then stumbled upon WA, decided to check it out, and I read a lot of feedback from members of the site; as well as reviews, and I even checked the BBB (Better Business Bureau), and WA had a very good standing with them. From past experiences, I really trust the credibility of the BBB.

So a few days later, I decided to join WA as a free member. I started created my profile, and uploading a picture, and this was actually something that was in the lessons, but I kind of went ahead of myself, and I got a great comment from one of the Top Members from WA, saying that he saw that I had taken the initiative to do things just because I thought it was the natural process in my head.

As a went through a few videos, I quickly realized that a Premium Membership had MANY other opportunities, so I really didn't hesitate, and became premium. Then, I noticed that you could sign-up for a Yearly Membership, and it equaled out to be a little over $30/month, which was even cheaper than the already great monthly cost!

Then I got to the part of making my first website. I'll be honest; I was a Computer Engineering, and Psychology Major, but Computer Engineering isn't Web Design or writing, but fortunately, I love to write, as you can see in the length of this post. I had NO experience with this at all, but now, I'm very confident when it comes to completing the tasks, and in 3 Months I've moved up in my rankings by about 200,000 maybe?? Back to the first website; I created a free one which by the way, is a great tool, but I just didn't like the look of "siterubix" in my URL, so I didn't even hesitate, and purchased my own domain, as well as purchasing the domain of my legal name. So now, it's my very own URL, my website, and I own my own name on the web.

Overall, I can tell you that you have made a great decision here at WA, and I would recommend staying premium, going yearly if this is a long-term business decision, and the cost of purchasing your domains through WA is only a fraction of what the big hosting companies price their domains at! So keep following the videos, don't be afraid to reach out to anyone with ANY questions along the way; because this is one of the friendliest communities that I've ever belonged too!

I wish you the best of luck on going forward with your first niche, and building your website to support that niche. I've been doing this for under 3 months, and I treat it like a job, and commit to at least 3-4 hours a day, when I'm able too. You'll find your very own system, and what works best for you throughout the process, and it won't take long at all! Just understand that it takes time to make money, and this is definitely NOT a get rich quick system, but it is very effective, and very toned down, so almost anyone can use this very sophisticated webhosting platform.

All the best moving forward!


*****I don't think that I've missed anything, but I'm going to ask for the help of the community, just in case they can help me answer anything that I may have missed, or just share some of their professional experience. Like I said, I've been doing this for less than 3 months, and I have come a long way in a short period. So, I know that you'll be successful moving forward; it just takes a system, and some commitment. Much of what I've said, you've already accomplished; I just wanted to share my story, and hopefully you get some feedback from the community as well. You are making great progress so far!!

If anyone in the community has anything else to add, or just some advice for Renata, please do??*****
GiuliaB Premium
Lance, a bit of money related advice for you and Renata. If you renew your yearly premium fee on the next Black Friday, you will be charged a proportionate reduced fee adjusted against what you have paid recently against the number of month up to Black Friday.
You will then have to renew your yearly membership every Black Friday, when the yearly fee for a whole 12 months goes down to $299 from $359. You can't argue with such a discount :)

HavenJames Premium
Well said, Renata. This is very similar to my experience. I vowed not to go premium until I was earning enough to cover the cost, but I was amazed by the training, even in the starter program.

The value of the training alone is worth the premium tuition, but when you add in the tools to actually develop an online business, the value is unbelievable.

I very much share your sentiments. Meaningful work is a blessing, work without meaning is drudgery.

Best of luck,
merlynmac Premium
Welcome! If you hit any snags or just wanna say hi feel free to message me or find me in live chat.
RCrawford82 Premium
Thanks so much Merlynmac. I greatly appreciate the warm welcome. If I have any questions I will definitely keep you in mind. Is it ok if I follow you? How long have you been with WA? What advice can you give to a newcomer such as myself?
merlynmac Premium
Yes you can follow me...just over 3 months and follow the training!