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Last Update: Sep 21, 2023

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Who Invented the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI)?

It began with Katharine Cook Briggs and her daughter, Isabel Briggs Myers, in the United States in the early mid-20th century. Briggs was inspired to research personality type theory when she met Isabel's future husband, Clarence Myers.

The Theory Behind the Myers-Briggs?

There are 16 possible combinations of letters leading to 16 distinct MBTI personality types. The theory of psychological type says that people with different preferences naturally have different interests and views, behave differently, and are motivated by different things.

What are the 4 Myers-Briggs Personality Types?

The Myers-Briggs® system consists of four preference pairs that reflect different aspects of personality—opposite ways to direct and receive energy through:

(E) Extraversion

(I) Introversion

(S) Sensing

(N) Intuition

(T) Thinking

(F) Feeling

(J) Judging

(P) Perceiving

How Accurate is Myers-Briggs?

As a result, the MBTI and its results aren't exactly reliable. Studies have shown that 50 percent of people are classified into a different type the second time they take the test, even if the test-retest period is short (e.g. five weeks).

Why is Myers Briggs not valid?

Psychologists say the MBTI is not reliable because people often get different results when taking different tests or even retaking the same one :

(Pittenger, 2005). Feb 25, 2021)

Fun Facts

Katherine Briggs was just 14 years old when she went to college, and ended up graduating first in her class, explains author Merve Emre. She married the man who graduated just behind her at No. 2 - and while he became a scientist, she was expected to take care of the home.

This incredibly educated woman - who was never expected to do anything but be a wife and a mother - she wanted to figure out how to take those roles and professionalize them," Emre says....

"She wanted to figure out how she could do something in her home that would be as rigorous and as important as what everybody thought her husband was doing in his laboratory."

What are Dominant Female Personalities?

According to Abraham Maslow dominant women have more self-confidence, higher poise, prefer to be treated like a “person” and not like a “woman”, prefer independence and “standing on their own feet”, lack feelings of inferiority, and generally do not care for concessions that imply they are inferior, weak or that they need.

What is the Least Popular Myers Briggs Type?

Taken from The Myers & Briggs Foundation , which is a reliable source, the rarest personality type are INFJs, followed by ENTJs.

What is Kim Kardashian's Myers-Briggs?

Kim Kardashian is an ISFJ personality type. Reliable and loyal, you can always count on Kim to keep her word. As an ISFJ, Kim is detail-oriented, to the point of being a perfectionist.


The rarest personality type, INFJ, makes up only 1.5% of the population, or 3 out of every 200 people. It might be rare, but having this personality type or another rare one isn't all bad.

On the Design of the Early Tests

Initially, Katherine Briggs gathered neighborhood kids at her home to assess their personalities. Her aim was to shape personalized education programs for each child's self-actualization. She began by administering a simple questionnaire to parents, a forced choice survey with only two options, A or B, leaving no room for ambiguity.

Questions probed: Is your child calm or impulsive? Does he frequently get upset or remain calm? Does he sleep alone or with you? From these responses, she formulated the earliest personality categories for children, laying the foundation for today's Myers-Briggs Type Indicator.

Briggs Discovers Carl Jung

Her life had been dedicated to caring for children, including her daughter, Isabel. When Isabel left for school, Katharine plunged into deep depression, uncertain of her life's purpose. It was during this period that she stumbled upon Carl Jung's work, specifically "Psychological Types," which captivated her.

Katharine initiated correspondence with Jung, seeking clarity on terms like "intuitive" and "feeling." She wanted to apply Jung's abstract concepts to assist people in discovering their own types and living as their best selves.

Briggs' Ideas Morphed Into a "People Sorting" Test

For Katharine, it was a spiritual quest. She was profoundly religious and believed that true salvation lay in understanding one's true self and living accordingly.

Isabel Gets Creative

Isabel, Katharine's daughter, adopted the language of type during World War II. Inspired by her mother's ideas, Isabel pondered creating a questionnaire to match people with jobs that suited them best. Her vision aimed to emphasize that every individual, regardless of their type, possessed unique strengths and weaknesses.

She sought to avoid categorizing people as "normal" or "abnormal" but rather as individuals with distinct attributes, leading to the practical application of Jungian theories in what Isabel termed "people sorting."

The Office of Strategic Services

The concept of "people sorting" gradually gained traction and found its way into various institutions. The Office of Strategic Services became the first organization to purchase the test during World War II, using it to assign covert operatives to classified missions.

Briggs' Test Lands in the Government

Over time, the test was adopted by educational institutions such as Berkeley and Swarthmore in the late '50s, incorporating it into their admissions processes. It slowly permeated wellness centers, hospitals, and religious institutions, ultimately becoming a fixture in the institutions shaping our daily lives.

Where the Test Thrives: Corporations

The true breakthrough came within corporations. After Isabel Briggs Myers' passing in the 1980s, businesses began promoting worker satisfaction and contentment. The type indicator emerged as a powerful tool to convince individuals that they were fulfilling their intended roles and should embrace their work with enthusiasm.

People are Drawn to the Test

The MBTI's allure lies in its simplicity and lack of judgment. It provides an accessible language for self-expression, enabling people to articulate their desires without apology. This thirst for self-understanding often arises during periods of significant life transitions, such as couples counseling, job changes, or the transition to college.

Myers-Briggs as a Parenting Tool

Katharine Briggs initially envisioned the test as a parenting aid. It offers clarity during complex and confusing times in life. Despite skepticism about its validity and social applications, individual experiences with the indicator can be profoundly liberating.

Personality Can Change Over A Lifetime

Believing in the innate or essential nature of one's identity provides comfort, as it means there's no need to apologize for who you are; you simply accept it as part of your being.

Have You or Anyone You Know Taken Myer-Briggs?

TheRachele of LA

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Hi Rachele, thanks for such vital info and history for those intellectual.. cheers

Hi there, Phil.

You know to people please and in this case, it is working,
Have an awesome week, my friend. By the way, you are very intuitive and perceptive, in my opinion.


Thank you Rachele, top night to you.. and I m 12noon day, regards

Top night my friend. (7:30 p.m.).


Another part of the world...12.42 pm Papua New Guinea times


Hey Rachele, thanks for sharing this interesting info, and I agree with you. As a relationship counselor, I have researched these types of things extensively and found that this personality test is indeed not accurate, mostly. There are basically four core personalities, of which multiple personalities can be formed by combining several of each core personality's traits. Also, according to zodiac signs, there should only be 12 personalities. You have a strong personality if you possess a great combination of the four cores.

They are called:
1) Sanguine (the talker)
2) Phlegmatic (?)
3) Choleric (?)
4) Melancholic (?)

I cannot exactly remember which one is "the doer, the thinker, the watcher" but those are the core traits of these core personalities. Each have their pros and cons with friends, family, relationships, and business.

They are called:
1) Sanguine (the talker)
2) Phlegmatic (?) Laid Back
3) Choleric (?) Alpa dude or chick
4) Melancholic (?) (Sometimes) Timid, gloomy perfectionist

Hi there, Hein,

Thanks for adding this excellent information related to personality tests. I have to agree that personality type tests are not always cut in stone. They have a propensity to be skewed at times. However, there are other tests that may be more proficient. Sometimes these assessments are not based on pure facts, they are more or less subjective in nature.

I also note that individuals can have a combination of the different personality types and more than likely, no two people will have the same type of cookie-cutter personality, right? However, I sincerely believe that Katherine Briggs was on to something in her day and time.

As relational counselors we do get to see an array of personalities and it is much easier to break these into basic four core groups. I have no argument there.

I haven't studied much about the Zodiac signs, However, I always wondered how in the world do they always know how to predict the future. And they do a pretty good job. For some reason they have always given me good luck. I can never understand their modis operandi at all (lol).

Hein, you are well-versed, my friend. I have received an education in both personality types and in Zodiac signs. By the way, my sign is Cancer; I am a crab. Supposedly we get along with Pisces and 2 of my best friends are yours truly...Pisces.


Wow, you wrote a mini-article here. Thanks for the detailed response. Yes, apparently, every star sign is extremely compatible with about four others. I am Libra, and I am extremely compatible with Aquarius, Sagittarius, Leo, and Gemini.

However, it also depends on whether someone has any mental conditions which could play a great role in hindering compatibility. On the other hand, even if you are not very or at all compatible with another sign, your adaptability plays a huge role, too.

I have had "bad" relationships/ friendships with Gemini and Sagittarius before... but that was due to their mental deviations, self-protection mechanisms as a result of childhood issues, and when one's beliefs defy gravity (regarding compatibility, etc.), and these days so many people have mental conditions that it is really hard to have good relationships in general. I have also had fantastic relationships with star signs that would usually be at the lowest point on the scale of compatibility. In such cases, both parties would be very flexible and adaptable to become compatible.

Hi there, Hein.

It is nice to have an intelligent conversation with you . In our profession it is very important to have the ability connect with people and meet them where are. So, we have to hone our skills and become active listeners.

Relationships are tricky at times and they are not for the faint of heart. When we come into a relationship with baggage from the past, this can throw a damper on compatibility.

Before getting into a relationship, it's best to do a test drive before getting into too deep. It is good to have things in common, be able to share common interests, and reciprocity is key.

For example, I have had long-term relationships with a Cancer (6 years) and a Gemini (16 years) although Pisces and Scorpio are supposed to be the most compatibility.. Moreover, I've been with a Pisces for the last 20 years.

Have a great Thursday,

Yes, indeed! Have a great week and weekend too. To a long and prosperous love-life!

Hi there, Hein.

I am a long hauler. However, I was a widow at a very young age. Dave was military and he had Agent Orange Complications. My 2nd rel'ship was just common law at the time. And here I am 20 years with an Asian.

Are you married? If you are, then you know that when you marry a person, you also marry their whole family. I still keep in touch with my 2 step daughters, Cindy and Lisa. If you get good in-laws, you got it made, kiddo. My S-in-L is a peach, so I got lucky.

Nice chatting, my friend.
Happy weekend,
Your friend,

Not yet married... But her one sister despises me for no apparent reason and constantly falsely accuses me of bad traits, and things. Anyway, she will have to come around soon as she is just pushing a wedge between her and my fiancee. She even tried breaking us up. Luckily I have an edge to nullify her debuffs on me, lol. I hope to restore my "bad" reputation soon. Until recently, my fiancee always wanted to keep the peace and was indecisive... Now she stands up for her man, so no more insecurity from me. Enjoy your weekend until next time. You are a gem!

Hi there, Hein.

Sisters can be humdingers. My older sister controlled my life for many years. If my friends didn't meet her approval, I ditched them. That;s how much I looked up to her.

However, I eventually realized that my life was my life that hers and had to tell her where to go. Also, my daughter tried to do the same shenanigans when I was dating. So, we had a long ass talk.

If I were you, I would consider pre-marital counseling before tying the knot. Your fiance's sister will definitely be a problem down the road. Hopefully, she won't come between your potential spouse.

Your fiance's sister fears that she will lose a sister, when the reality is that she will gain a brother-in-law. You will have to speak up for yourself. First have a long talk with your fiance.

I am so glad that your future wife is standing up for you. After all, this is HER life, not her sister's. Sisters can sometimes be overprotective. My brother never liked my guy and still has a chip on his shoulders,

We have to draw a line in the sand and set some boundaries that can't be crossed. Seems like we both have experienced individuals that want to dominate other people's life. Being in a relationship has its own challenges. So, the 3rd parties need to just back off.

It may be a good thing that this is happening prior to marriage. You and your fiance need to make a plan of action. Outside interferences can tear relationships apart. Your fiance's sister has some underlying issues going on, maybe.

She evidently is treating your fiance like a child and is also disrespecting you. Why is she behaving like this? This is ludicrous. This is your rel'ship and Missy has NO control over you and your fiance.

Enjoy life and have a wonderful weekend.

I learned this when I was at Kansas State University, but I don't put a lot of effort into it now three decades later! I am who I am and continue to move forward, Rachele! A nice memory brought back to me though!


Heya Jeff.

I love that you have your own set of rules and are not easily swayed right or left. This is an awesome personality trait to have. Although some of us claim to have our own identity, at the same time, we all end up buying every thing that trends on the market. No individuality, for the most part. I,clearly see that you don't follow the crowd.

Jeffrey, take a bow, my friend.

Thanks, Rachele!

I don't have the funds to buy all new trending items. I am always behind the curve!


Best place to be to stay out of debt. Everything is so expensive. I am just getting my freedom from credit card debt. Never again . Shiny objects = bankruptcy..


Oh, I have lots of credit card debt, but I manage it very well, Rachele! Actual money in this economy is hard to come by!


Money is hard to come by, for sure, Jeff.

That is so true Jeff. I am hoping to buy a home very soon. We are waiting for the best deal. It may not be the right time to purchase but I am hopeful. My hubby is selling his other home up North.

It is easy to borrow money, but paying it back is a beast. Gotta work twice as hard to pay it back. At least my student loans are paid in full.

My maternal gramma was a Cherokee Indian. So, my $155K (Student Loan was written off 3 yrs. ago). Plus, "Camie" my 2014 Toyota Camry has been paid off.

My goal is to build some generational wealth for the next generation, if that makes sense. My dad left all of his kids something and I want to 10x what he did, if that makes sense.

Ranting Rachele Rocks Relentlessly,

Wow, Rachele! The Home Market has been the highest it has been in decades.

Good tat you have those debts paid off. All my vehicles are paid for, all my properties are paid for except for the annual property taxes which continue to soar needlessly, and once again prices are going up as the fuel does!

It is a quagmire!

Love the alliteration in your signature!


If we play our cards right, we can live a good life. My thing is to stay ahead of the curve and stay as debt free as I can. My gramma worked her tush off so I can enjoy what I have today.

Plus, I am a pretty hard worker, preparing a better future for my posterity. You know what I'm saying?

It's time to pay it forward.
I learned so much from my dad, Zedie (what a name). He worked 2 & 3 jobs and we always had a roof over our head, plenty of food, and had the basic necessities.

When I was knee-high to a grasshopper, he bought my mom a brand new home out of the blue. Mind you, he was only a plumber and night security guy. Guess he had the right connections.

Ranting Rachele

You are doing a GREAT job if you can remain debt free in this mess, Rachele! Share your secrets!

There are no good jobs to be had here!


Hi there, Jeff.

The only secret that i can think of is a good debt counselor, consistent monthly payments, and lots of prayer. And oh, I forgot, maybe staying in good cahoots with the hubby and the man upstairs?

Ironically, this creates lots of jobs for therapists.

I don't require a debt counselor. I simply need our Horrid economy to improve, which likely will not happen anytime soon.

People who are in serious debt obviously cannot afford to pay someone else to talk them into how to getting out of it.

I still pay all of my bills, because I diversified early, and because God takes care of me by His Grace!

I feel for people in these situations though!


It is costly; about $99/month. The rich get richer. By the way, I used Lexington Law Credit Repair. It's very easy getting into debt but hard getting out of it, My credit score is very good right now. At one time it was almost 800.

There was a lady (a famous singer) on YouTube that was in so much debt, she jumped into the Mekong river and took her own life. Bless her heart. Credit cards are the death knell of modern society, if you ask me.

My solution is to educate the youth at an early age so they won't have to be crushed under the weight of heavy debts. Teach them money management soon as they hit kindergarten.

My daughter Michele was very frugal in grammar school. She saved her lunch money accumulated $40 or sometimes $50 in her piggy bank. Her auntie gave her a certain amount each day.

As a result, she and her fiance were able to pool their pennies together and bought them a small home in France while she was in her late 20s. The funny thing is that I never taught her this skill. It was innate, I guess.

That's all I got right now and I am now going off line to rest a bit, my friend.
TheRachele of CA

My credit score was 768 last time I looked!

The reason that I am currently able to pay my debit is because I have been draining my investments. After that, who knows, but I continue to thrive, and I do not worry. No need to!


You are in great shape my friend.

You are thriving for sure and also have an excellent score. Way to go! Well, just keep a portion of your investments for namesake.

Keep rolling, my friend!

It is actually simple, just pay a dollar above the minimum on each!

I am surviving, not thriving. I give up a lot to make it through this mess that we are all experiencing for essentially no reason other than petty politics and power-mongering!

One step in front of the other daily! Happy Monday!


Hi Rachele

As you point out, it’s not an accurate test, but my “best fit” is ENTP.

You need to add J & P to your list under the first paragraph.😎

BTW: The number of possible combinations of results in the MBTI is calculated by multiplying the number of possible results on each scale together.

There are two possible results on each scale, so there are 2 * 2 * 2 * 2 = 16 possible combinations of results overall.

Rock On! 🤘
Frank 🎸

This is a terrific article, Rachele. Humans are forever fascinated by what makes us tick. Who among us hasn't said these very words to ourselves, "Why did I do that?" or, "Why did I say that?". Myers-Briggs seems to try to answer, "Because you are type IDKW."

What an impossible task to pigeonhole people when they are part of a group that contains Mother Theresa and Stalin in the same flock.

Thank you for the interesting first read of the morning, Rachele.

Have a great day.


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