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Make Money Online for Beginners:

Making money online has become very popular, especially for beginners looking to earn extra income. With just an internet connection and some dedication, even people without experience can make money online.

Even a beginner can start making money online. There are plenty ways to go around. Find out which one is best for you. There are plenty of useful websites and apps to help get started. Tips are provided on the best practices for earning money online, from making a couple dollars to earning hundreds in your spare time. Let’s get this party started.

Ways to Make Money Online Without Investment

There are many online jobs ranging from freelancing or selling things to making a little extra, all the way up to running a full online business.

Here are 30 ways for beginners to make money online using existing skills and resources:

1. Open an Online Store

Operating your own online shop is a great way to produce extra income. The print-on-demand business model makes this easy and low-risk to start.

POD allows you to run an online business without being involved in production, inventory, shipping, etc. You can customize and sell products to customers globally. The print providers handle fulfillment for you.

Benefits include:

  • No upfront investment to get started
  • Huge variety of products to customize and sell
  • Environmentally friendly as you only print what sells
  • No need to store inventory
  • Print providers ship worldwide

Great options to start with are Printify for its vast selection and great prices, along with Etsy for its beginner-friendly setup and built-in audience.

2. Sell Online Courses

If you're knowledgeable about a subject, consider creating an online course to share your expertise while earning money.

With demand rising for online education on every topic imaginable, you can sell video courses, PDFs, eBooks and more. As long as you provide quality content worth paying for, this can provide great passive income.

Great platforms to use include Skillshare for hosting and promoting your courses in front of its large user base, and Teachable for its course creation tools like quizzes, tracking and more.

3. Participate in Market Research

Contributing opinions and insights to market research companies is an easy way to earn extra money while exploring other opportunities. Payouts are often immediate too.

Businesses conduct market research to test products and services before launch, gain consumer insights, and more. They will gladly pay for your feedback and input through surveys, focus groups and interviews.

Top market research companies include User Interviews and Respondent, which connect businesses with consumers to provide opinions and feedback in exchange for cash incentives.

4. Create Online Content

If you’re creative, creating online content across social media platforms can generate income both immediately and long-term.

You can earn money by starting a YouTube channel, blogging, selling your photos, becoming an influencer on Instagram or TikTok, and more. If you can entertain and engage an audience, opportunities exist to make money through advertising, sponsorships, traffic to other monetized sites, and building an audience over time.

Great platforms to use include Wix, WordPress or LinkedIn for blogging, YouTube and Twitch for videos/streaming, and Instagram and TikTok for viral content.

5. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing allows you to earn commissions by promoting other company’s products and services online. It's fairly easy passive income:

· Sign up for affiliate programs

· Share your unique referral link online

· Audience members click it and make purchases

· You earn commission on sales

All you need is an audience and partnerships with affiliate programs. Share your links widely across social media and other platforms.

6. Sell Digital Products

Creating digital products like templates, eBooks and designs that customers can purchase and download can provide ongoing passive income with a small upfront time investment.

The steps include:

1. Identify in-demand digital products to create

2. Build a sales channel like Shopify or Etsy

3. Promote through digital marketing

Shopify and Podia make it easy to sell downloads online. The key is driving traffic through marketing to profit from repeat digital sales.

7. Become a Virtual Assistant

If you have great communication and time management abilities, providing remote assistance is a fast way to make money online.

Virtual assistants help with customer service, data entry, social media management, administrative tasks and more through email and messaging. They are in high demand across many industries.

Upwork and Fiverr connect skilled VAs with clients. You can also promote your own services directly. As long as you provide great service, this can become steady income.

8. Take Online Surveys

Taking surveys through reputable websites is simple way to make extra money quickly with cash payouts or gift card rewards.

You just have to sign up on survey panels, choose topics you find interesting, and provide opinions by answering questions that take just a few minutes. The more surveys you take, the more you earn.

Top survey sites include Swagbucks, Survey Junkie, InboxDollars and more. While individual payouts are small, doing this regularly adds up over time.

9. Survey Websites - Survey Junkie

Key Points:

· Get paid for taking simple surveys online

· Over $55K paid out to members daily

· Earn gift cards or cash out to PayPal

By sharing your opinion in short surveys, you can earn money on websites like Survey Junkie. They pay members over $55,000 total each day. You can quickly rack up points to redeem for gift cards or cash out to your PayPal.

Get Paid for Your Opinion - Branded Surveys

Key Points:

· Share your opinion on products and ads

· Earn up to $5 per short survey

· Over $17 million paid out total

On Branded Surveys, companies will pay you $1-$5 to give your opinion on new products, logos, ads and more through quick surveys. It adds up fast - they've paid out over $17 million total so far.

10. Sell Stock Photos

If you have photography skills and a good camera, you can sell stock photos online to earn recurring passive income.

Simply take quality, high-resolution photos, upload them to a stock photo site like Shutterstock, add relevant keywords and descriptions, set a price, and earn royalties when people purchase rights to use them.

Nature, lifestyle, business and emoji photos tend to sell well. This adds up over time as your portfolio grows.

11. Start an Online Tutoring Business

Similar to selling online courses, you can provide personalized instruction as an online tutor to students needing help mastering subjects you specialize in. This allows you to set your own rates and schedule.

TutorOcean and TutorMe connect expert tutors with students around the world. You could also start your own tutoring service website or list your services on community boards. Leverage this expertise while helping others learn.

12. Transcribe Audio Files

Converting audio content into written documents is another easy online job. Many companies need audio files, meetings, podcasts, interviews and more transcribed for their written records and services.

No prior experience is needed as you can learn on the job. All you need is a computer, attention to detail and time. Top companies like TranscribeMe train new transcribers on exactly what’s needed, offer feedback so you improve, and pay fairly for reliable services even at entry-level.

13. Do Data Entry

If you’re computer-savvy and detail-oriented, doing freelance data entry jobs is an easy way to make money online with no special skills required. You'll input data into databases and computer systems quickly and accurately.

Search for entry-level data entry jobs on sites like Upwork, FlexJobs and more to start gaining experience and earning. Over time you can expand your services for increased pay as you build a strong profile.

14. Sell Used Items

Sell things you no longer use or need around your household to earn extra cash while clearing clutter—everyone wins!

This could include clothes, books, electronics, furniture, baby items and much more. Take quality photos, accurately describe condition, and list them on sites like Facebook Marketplace, eBay, Craigslist or offer up.

As long as items are priced right and described well, they can sell quickly for pure profit since they were just taking up space anyway! Start earning money while supporting reuse/recycling.

15. Buy and Resell Domains

Businesses need memorable domain names and will pay good money for ones that fit their branding goals. Identify currently registered or expired domains with strong keywords that businesses may want to purchase and sit on them.

Once you've identified promising names, buy and hold them until the right buyer comes along wanting that specific domain. Then sell for a nice profit! Namecheap and Hover make it easy to search availability and buy/sell domains.

Easiest Way to Start

The easiest approach to start making money online as a complete beginner is selling customized products through Print-on-Demand platforms like Printify. Here’s a quick 5 step overview:

1. Sign up for a free Printify seller account

2. Browse products and design ideas

3. Use Mockup Generator to design items

4. Connect your Printify account to an online shop site

5. Create product listings and start selling!

You can start selling customized products online in almost no time with no investment on your end. As sales come in, Printify handles production and shipping everything out for you while you earn profits. Expand your product catalog and promote listings over time to increase sales and income.

There are many ways to start making extra money online with the skills and resources you already have as a beginner. Sites and apps make it easy to turn your time and energy into income.

Finding the right opportunities that fit your goals and lifestyle is key to earning success over the long-term. Hopefully this article has provided some creative ideas to help you get started! Consistency, dedication and gradually expanding efforts over time are critical for meaningful results.

16. Save Money Shopping Online

Key Points:

· Get alerts if cheaper prices are available

· Automatically find and apply coupon codes

· Users have saved over $800 million total

Save money while you shop online using free browser tools like Capital One Shopping. It will automatically check for cheaper prices and apply any available coupon codes. Users have saved over $800 million in total so far.

17. Earn Cash Back Rewards

Key Points:

· Get cash back for purchases at popular stores

· $3+ billion paid out in rewards

· $10 sign up bonus for new members

With Rakuten, you can earn cash back every time you shop online at popular stores. They've paid members over $3 billion in rewards so far. Sign up now to get a $10 welcome bonus.

18. Get Paid to Watch Videos

Key Points:

· Earn up to $225 a month

· Get paid to watch funny videos and movie trailers

· $56+ million paid out so far

On InboxDollars, you can earn cash just for watching fun videos, movie trailers and more. While it won't make you rich, it's easy money you can make in your free time. They have paid their users over $56 million to date.

19. Earn Passive Income Renting Out Space

Key Points:

· Rent out spare rooms, parking spaces, storage areas

· Hosts earn ~$300 per month on average

· Free to list your space

On, you can earn ~$300 per month renting out any unused space in your home to people needing storage. With over 2 million users, it's an easy way to make passive income. Listing space is free.

20. Apply for Personal Loans

Key Points:

· Borrow up to $100k at rates as low as 5.99%

· Check loan options without hurting your credit

· Funds available as soon as the next day

NerdWallet makes it easy to find competitive personal loans up to $100k with rates starting at just 5.99% APR. Checking your options doesn't affect your credit score. If approved, funds may be available the very next day.

21. Earn Cash Driving with Uber

Key Points:

· Drive whenever it fits your schedule

· Cash out earnings instantly up to 5 times daily

· Keep 100% of your tips

Deliver food with Uber Eats to earn money on your own terms. There's no minimum hours and you can cash out up to 5 times a day. You also get to keep 100% of tips from customers.

22. Get Free Stocks from Robinhood

Key Points:

· $2.50 to $200 in free stocks

· Commission-free investing app

· Easy to use even for beginners

Robinhood gives you free stocks just for signing up and connecting your bank account to invest. It's an easy to use, commission-free investing and trading app great for beginners.

23. Earn Rewards Shopping Online

Key Points:

· 10x more savings interest than national average

· Up to $250 welcome bonus

· No account fees or overdraft fees

With SoFi Checking and Savings, you earn high interest rates on your money with the chance for up to a $250 welcome bonus. There are no account fees, overdraft fees, or minimum balances.

24. Print and Sell Quotes & Poems Made in Canva

25. Lend Money and Earn Interest

Key Points:

· Earn up to 14% annual returns

· Help fund small business loans

· Starting investment as low as $25

Through Peerform, you can earn up to 14% interest by lending money to fund small business loans. You can start investing with just $25.

26. Teach English Online

Key Points:

· Set your own hours

· No lesson planning required

· Get paid up to $26/hour

With companies like VIPKid, you can get paid to teach English online to students abroad. Hours are flexible, no lesson planning needed, and you can earn up to $26 per hour.

27. Get Paid to Lose Weight

Key Points:

· Place bets up to $500 on hitting goals

· Win big for hitting target weight

· One woman earned $1,191

On HealthyWage, you can literally get paid to lose weight by placing bets on yourself to hit target goals. The more weight you pledge to lose, the more money you can win.

28. Invest Your Spare Change

Key Points:

· Automatically invest spare change

· Chance to win $50,000

· No minimum deposit needed

With Acorns, your everyday debit/credit purchases are rounded up and automatically invested. Just sign up for a chance to win $50k with no minimum deposit needed.

29. Sign Up for Free Vacations

Key Points:

· Free 7 day, 6 night resort vacations

· Only pay $200 in fees

· Travel year round

With sites like DriveResorts, you can book free weeklong resort vacations if you attend a short timeshare presentation. There's just a small $200 activities fee but the rest is free.

30. Sell Your Stuff Online

Key Points:

· Sell unused items locally

· Meet safely through the app

· Free to list as a seller

On mobile apps like LetGo, it's easy to sell your unused stuff locally to buyers nearby. The app keeps both sides safe and secure, and it's 100% free to list items.

Final Thoughts

The ideas here range from quick surveys to more involved side gigs, but they're all legitimate ways to earn some extra money. Find 1-2 that fit your lifestyle and commit to putting in the effort consistently. Over time, those streams of side income can really add up!

Which idea works best for you in terms of making money online?


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Its like baking a cake Miss R.
Whatever it is you do, you need to have the right ingredients first, put in the effort to mix them all up and then wait for the end result.
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Good post

Well said, Bux!

You got the right idea, Bux.

You have some great analogies, my friend. I learned this from my nana, Maggie. She and mum were expert cooks, They taught me and my sibs to never do anything half way or do a botch job. Get in there and do your thing.

Go all in and put a smile on somebody's face. And, of course, never turn off the oven to start a different cake, especially if you are making a souffle, right?
Praise the lard!

However, my very first dinner that I made for my folks was a disaster, Bux. Everyone complained that I had prepared a diet meal for everyone and my sister said that my biscuits were like eating rocks. Anyways, I tried. I'm really good at boiling water, though (lol).

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That’s a good start R, expert at boiling water. Just work your way up in stages.
Don’t ever make lemon soup. I did, once, it was like paint stripper. It took a week for my throat to return to normal.
Wednesday was good. Hurtling through Thursday now.
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You know it, Bux,

You just made me lmao. I've never heard of lemon soup. Is this an original recipe? My question: where did you get the recipe for lemon soup? Is this a 1st for you?

In 20 minutes it will be midnight here. Glad you had a good Wednesday. Thursday will be better, for sure. This was a great day, thanks to the lemon soup.

You are a lot of fun, my friend. I am a stickler for comedy. You made my day.

I am always experimenting with food. I am NOT a Cordon Bleu chef by any stretch of the imagination. Rough and Rustic is more like it.
Anyway, I'd made a soup with sugared oranges on top some time before and that was ok. I was in the South of France for a while, and lemons grow on trees down there in absolute profusion.
Why not, I thought, make a soup with lemons. I was having visitors that evening and the tree outside had gorgeous yellow lemons.
So I thought, not too difficult, just make it like carrot soup but exchange lemons for carrots. It didn't work. In fact, it made the rest of the meal completely un-tasteable. Like you had no taste buds, painful to swallow and general loss of appetite.
We laugh about it now, well, I do, but they don't.
It's 10am here and time to make a start on the days work.

Very good resources, Rachele. I've made money online via Ebay, and from some book sales!


That's because you are consistent in what you do.
Catch you later old buddy.

Thanks, Bux! We'll correspond later, my friend!



Awesome, Jeff.
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I agree, Rachele!


My stamp of approval 🥰

Happy Frisatsu, Rachele!


This post includes all online business opportunities, very well. Thanks for sharing.

Good Evening, Jimmy.

The opportunities are endless. There are new ideas being born everyday, my friend. Stay tuned. Lots of more posts on the way.

Happy Wednesday!

Thanks for this, Rachele.

I have been playing with the idea of selling my old Gaming Books. But, I haven't gotten there yet.


Hey Hey, JD.

What are you waiting for, my friend? Your Gaming Books would probably sell like hot cakes. There are a lot of gamers out there. In fact, one of my previous co-worker spent about $100 a month on his gaming passion. Of course his spouse wasn't having it. They finally came to a compromise.

You'll know when the time is ripe.
Happy Wednesday!



Part of the problem is I don't know Ebay or anything else about doing that. Plus I don't have anyone that can do it for me or show me how.



Hi there, .JD.

For starters, I would first find out who on the WA platform has a Spotify account. I hear that Spotify is the best way to sell online.

You would open up an e-Commerce account in Spotify, I am assuming. However, Jeff would be a great resource to tap into.

It may be a learning curve but you might enjoy dipping your toes in at some point. No hurry. I know you are super busy.

I will do some research to see what other options are out there.
Have a wonderful Wednesday.


Thanks, Rachele.

I have been thinking about it. I might enjoy it. Especially if I could keep it going profitably. But, another part of the problem is I would love to get back into it, even though I probably won't, and just have not made up my mind to sell them.

Happy Thursday


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