Today Marked 4 Weeks with Wealthy Affiliate

Last Update: September 21, 2016

So Exactly What Have I Accomplished!!!!!

I look back and ponder on what I have accomplished thus far and I ask myself could I have done more, took one more course, answered one more question, made one more comment, and wrote one more blog sure I could, but with me it is now all about how I have learned to balance my life around Wealthy Affiliate and still fill successful with my efforts.

Let's recap what I have accomplished these last 4 weeks

Week 1: Completed

  1. Online Entrepreneur Certification - Getting Started (Level 1)
  2. Went Premium
  3. Decided on a Niche
  4. Created my Website
  5. Bought my own .com Domain
  6. Joined Google+

Week 2: Completed

  1. WA Affiliate Bootcamp - Starting Your Foundation PHASE 1
  2. Building Your Own Traffic Producing Website Level 2
  3. Continued to Build Content on my Website
  4. Review on Wealthy Affiliate

Week 3: Completed

  1. Purchased my second .com Domain
  2. Continued creating content for my first website
  3. Decided on a Niche for my second website
  4. Started writing Content for my second website
  5. Joined Affiliate Programs

Week 4: Completed

  1. Online Entrepreneur Certification - Making Money! (Level 3)
  2. Working on driving traffic to my websites
  3. Wrote my first Product Review
  4. Installed for Google Analytics

I don't know about you, but I'm feeling pretty proud of myself in what I have accomplished thus far in only my first 4 weeks.

If you don't already know I have a full time job and in my spare time I work on my training and websites so could you imagine what I could do if I worked at it full time, I hope to be able to do that some day.

My Goals for the Next 4 Weeks Ahead

  1. Create More Content for my 2 websites
  2. Complete Level 4 - Mastering Social Engagement
  3. Complete Level 5 - The Business of Content
  4. Affiliate Bootcamp - Phase 2
  5. Grow has a helper on WA
  6. Drive Traffic to each of my Websites
  7. Get Ranked by Google
  8. Blog More
  9. Read and Comment more on WAers Blogs and websites
  10. Be The Best I Can Be Always!!!!!

I'll see you in 4 weeks with my next update in the meantime set yourself a goal and strive to achieve it. Just remember there is nothing in life you cant achieve if you only put your mind to it. Good Luck!!!



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    barrp Premium
    Thank you, Rosie for making this post.

    I love to read about what people are doing with their websites and their businesses. It gives us some idea about how much is possible in a short amount of time.

    You just need to ACT

    Rbane Premium
    Thank you Percy,
    Acting is exactly what I have set myself up to do and I am excited about where I'm headed with WA.
    janmar Premium
    Well done! You have accomplished much in your first month.
    Best of luck as you continue to build.
    Rbane Premium
    Thank you it feels good!!!!
    djroy Premium
    Wow! Nice work! Keep it up!
    Rbane Premium
    Thank you I appreciate the support.
    MPollock Premium
    Great progress and goals, keep up the good work.
    Rbane Premium
    Thank you,
    onmyownterms Premium
    Great goals, and good fortune on your continuing journey.
    Rbane Premium
    Thank you, my journey is only UP from here!!!