Wahoooooo I start making real money now

Last Update: November 13, 2014

At the end of my first month as a member of WA, I made the first ten bucks from Amazon and the first five bucks from AdSense. It may look a few but guess what, I am making money now while I am writing this post and more money while you are reading it too. I didn't go far with my website but I followed the classes as the pope following the bible, or at least as he supposed to do. Meanwhile I am still on course 3....so I am excited how would be then when I finish the whole course...but you know what there is no finish in WA....There always new and valuable stuff in the posts too. Please visit my website and engage with it and come back to me with your advice and honestly ideas.....I wish the best of luck to all WA community members.


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kyle8379 Premium
more than i made my first month! congrats
sandyhutch Premium
Way to go, I am so happy for you. Keep up the great work.
kholmes Premium
That is great, keep up the great road to success and you will go far. :))
Affiliateer Premium
Terrific! You're earning quickly.
danbarth87 Premium
Congrats! Thanks for sharing this!
Keep up the great work