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Last Update: Jan 19, 2016


Thanks to Marc Parsons and Jay I went from a PA of 1 to 27 in a week for my main page. Thanks guys.

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Hi Rawl,

Great job and get #1 on Google! I also have a website designed to Help Manage Anxiety with Yoga. What is your site name ? I would love to check it out, and feel free to check out mine at any feedback would be appreciated as I am just starting out.

Thanks !


Congrats Rawl. Would you please share the way how you have achieved this?

I did it with Marc Parsons training. Here is the link:

Within his training are two webinars by Jay. Watch those because they will help you.

All I did was follow his training and began posting articles that were landing on page 1 of a Google Search. Being on page one gives it a higher authority than something on page 10.

After completing each article I would follow Marc's tradition of posting to G+, pinterest, Facebook, etc. and then fetching as Google. I think the fetch as Google is what did the key. Because Google then crawls the pages and sees the new article posted.

That was it. I mean it was work and it takes me an entire day to do one article but it's worth it.

Thanks Rawl. I will definitely follow.

You're welcome.

No rest for the wicked Rawl! ;) hehe

Better to spend 2 days on one post that brings you visitors, than to spend 2 days on 5 posts that bring you no visitors... Right ;)

Really excited that you are seeing results.

Keep up the great work!

Hi Marc. I agree. I've relaxed a little and stopped being so hard on myself that I'm not putting out as many posts a week. However, what I am posting are page 1 articles. it makes more sense to do the latter than the former as you said.

And no, no rest for the wicked. LOL That's what it takes to be extraordinary.


Wow amazing. Congratulations.


You rock!!!

Congratulations Rawl. That is am amazing accomplishment.

Great job Rawl! You go girl, that is awesome.

I was shocked! And grateful.

Wow!!! In 1 week??? What did you do if I may ask... Congrats to you!

Thank you. Will check it out now!

OUTSTANDING!!! Congrats!

Thank you.

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