Tell me if I am Crazy!

Last Update: April 04, 2019

Since I started my training on certification up to boot camp, all I heard from the training about keyword is to choose a keyword with searches and low competition. So all my published post is targeting a keyword with low competition and not more than 30 to 50 and with an average of 50 to 100 searches.

Every time I search a keyword, I am always curious about the keywords with no competitions and with less than 10 searches a month. That is why I started to ask questions about it and the Result? Most of the suggestions and opinions are not to choose those keywords.

I know already the reason why I cannot choose those keywords, like it will affect your ranking, no search means no traffic and a lot more reason but I still have whys in my mind. I have what if like this, what if like that etc.

Then I came up with the Idea that every 10 keyword rich that I published, I would make an article base on a keyword without competition and searches at all.

Here is why base on my own perspective:

Everyone of us here are targeting low competition with decent searches. Maybe you've found a keyword with 10 competitions only and around 50 searches a month. But have you thought that these keywords also started from zero00000000? So there will be a possibility that targeting a keyword without competition and searches can have traffic in the near future

Here is an example of a keyword I just typed in Jaaxy with no competition and searches.

"How to start with affiliate marketing online business"

I believed that this keyword will have searches someday.

Yes, It will take time (maybe years) just like starting a new business without traffic and visitors but in my perspective POSSIBILITIES are LIMITLESS. So I decided to make an article with no searches and competition after every 10 keyword rich that I make. There are tons of new searches on google search engine every day so there is a possibility.

There is no wrong in trying. Now tell me if I am Crazy. No I am not Crazy LOLS! But I just want to try things. Comment below if you would like to share something about this topic and correct me if I am wrong. :).


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      AmyHD Premium
      It does make sense to me. You just need to think outside the box and you did. Everything is possible. The world is changing everyday. So is people’s thinking and search query.
      It maybe something I will try. : )
      randyford28 Premium
      Wow! I think I just influenced you to make an article with no search/competition keywords. Cheers!
      tokzkie824 Premium
      I think exploring new things is not a crazy stuff and going beyond what is a common practice is no big deal especially when you get a positive result in the future. Good job Rhandy
      randyford28 Premium
      Yep. Should try before thinking it is not possible hahaha
      avishka Premium
      Keywords are nothing but a thought, a curiosity, a seeking or just plain o'l words. So yes, as long as there are people thinking, there's a chance you will get ranked easily for that keyword even if a few people are thinking the same way as you do (provided you make an awesome content around it), and more, and more people thinking of those words when they're making a search query. Life is full of uncertainty and that's the beauty of it. :)
      randyford28 Premium
      Yes exactly! Thanks!
      Scotth54479 Premium
      Interesting idea, like the thought behind they all had a zero result day.
      Like approach of testing as well, you are not putting all eggs in one basket. One post for every 10.
      How do you plan to track the end results to see how this concept is working?
      randyford28 Premium
      I don't have any idea either but i guess i just have to try..
      davehayes Premium
      As you say unless you try you don't know
      randyford28 Premium
      yep! must try to know the result. hahaha