Patience and Persistance

Last Update: January 14, 2017

Hello everyone. I just read a blog that talked about receiving a large number of emails per day and not being able to respond to each one. Well... I'm in the same boat. I work very long hours and have little time. I receive several hundred emails per day. Having been out of pocket for a few days, I'm still trying to catch up. So, if I do not respond or if it takes a bit, please be patient and "keep moving forward".

To those who are new followers, I want to THANK YOU. To the newcomers to WA, I want to welcome you. Again, thank each of you!

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MKearns Premium
It's a selection vs disposal decision Randall. I still have a low enough volume to do selection of emails!
CarolE1 Premium
Hi, and I am sure everyone understands and I get 100's a day for each account and I have 4 email accounts and one personal. But I do have certain companies and people marked important and so I will always go there first. Mostly everybody here is in the same position some have more but we all get it, I think, well I do :)
RandallW2 Premium
Thanks, Carol. It is a challenge..
Stansk Premium
Thanks Randall its good to see you. Always so Brittish looking.
reanna1 Premium
You are welcome, Randy!
Joy3 Premium
Best wishes