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Last Update: Sep 24, 2023

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Good Evening to all you lovely people at the Great WA Family, as always do so hope that you are all keeping both safe and well.

Today has been a strange one, we did not wake up and get out of bed until almost midday today. Think that the health problems that we both have had finally caught up with us, in fact after lunch I even had another nap, but at last felt refreshed and less lethargic than I have been.

Sometimes I think that the weather does not help how we feel, rain and cold can make you miserable, at least they do me!!

The Past Few Days

Looking back I do not seem to have done very much at all, did have a new article indexed, which is always good news.

As the title of this blog suggests I have been clearing out again, this time my emails, this has been brought about in the main by Outlook changing things around, must confess that it has still got me confused. Before I could just delete all my junk without any problem, now I have too do each item individually from the delete page.

No doubt I will get how it works one day!!

Have continued to sort out the hard drive, moving files into one that is indexed for a particular subject, hopefully this will enable me to find what I am looking for more quickly.

The Next Few Days

Part of me says what a good question, in reality I have not got a clue, will need to sit and have a good think, the home cricket season has now finished, this should give me a lot more time to do some work.

Do think that the planner will have to be used again, as I have been slack in that department, one thing that I would like to revisit is my Family Tree, in fact that has just gone into the planner to be looked at every Friday. I do have a number of entries that need to be checked from other researchers.

Just need to keep to it. lol.

Will continue to sort out the inbox, also continue to move things from the Hard Drive to files that make common sense, have a lot of work to do, just hope that my energy returns so that I can do it.

At my two yearly medical I was told that I might need a blood liver check, this has now been booked in for Wednesday morning. Need to ask some questions about my aches and pains at the same time.

Just hope that I can start to get back to a normal work pattern.


Suppose that in some ways this last week has been a mess, but with luck I will, hopefully, get things back into some sort of order.

I am OK when I sit at the computer, it is when I move the pain in my legs and hips is not funny. Do realise that this is due to my sitting for too long, so will have to fit in more movement from the desk top.

Be Happy, Healthy and Wealthy,

Please do stay safe,

God Bless,


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Recent Comments


Well hello VH,

It sounds like your body needed the rest. Sometimes we push so much that we ignore our bodies cry for rest. Then it just collapses and forces the rest which we think is a waste of time. However, I've learned that it really isn't. When our bodies are exhausted, we're not working at peak anyway and just creating other problems. I generally only get to sleep in (later than 6 am) one day a week yet I need 8 hrs of sleep a night. Sometimes I need a nap! Funny how we hated them as kids and now we relish them!

Please get the pain in your limbs checked out! That doesn't sound good although it could be from not moving. I noticed that my MIL makes herself get up out of the chair at least once every hour. That's probably a good thing for mobility. I must learn to do that as well.

Next Sun I leave for Maine and Canada for a week with a friend who just lost her husband and needed a roommate. Not where I would have chosen to go but I couldn't say no to her. I'm sure it will be fun but I certainly won't be online so you'll have to behave yourself for a week!!!! LOL

Have a good week this week. Keep us posted on your health.

Your VW

Hi VW,

As usual I will sleep well having just seen this reply from you.

When I see the nurse on Wednesday intend to ask for advice as to what the problem could be. It seems funny that when I was at the cricket on Tuesday I had a walk around the ground, then up and down the stairs to the balcony where I site.

Guess what, felt much better on Wednesday, think thet I do need more movement.

Do have a great time in Maine and Canada, have loads of relatives there.

Take care dear lady as alays, will keep you updated on the aches and pains.

God Bless

As always,

Your VH

Quickly, for what it's worth, I just want to say when I've been sitting for a long time and get up, my joints are all sore. I'm guessing we need to keep them lubricated by walking and moving.

When I was 15-16, I had back surgery and was in a body cast for 3 months. I had to learn to walk all over again and it was TRULY PAINFUL! What I didn't know at the time was that the dr gave me a 50-50 chance of ever walking. Glad I didn't know that. So, bottom line (and I'm not a nurse), you might be on to something thinking that it's an issue sitting/in bed too long.

I have faith that you'll work it out!!!!!
Your VW

Hi there, Debra.

Are we allowed to know what VH and VW are?
Just curious. If you don't prefer to answer, that's okay too.


Just seen this so will be brief as I know that you are now living it up with your friend. But a health update when I was having my bloods done, mentioned it to the nurse about my aches and pains, so got an appointment with the Doctor for the afternoon.

Long story short he thinks it is due to an accident which I had forty years ago when a lorry hit my car while I was at crossing.

Do have neck problems and he thinks that is what it is causing my problems.

Wanted you to know asap as i know that you were concerned.

Take care.

As always

Your VH

Not gone yet. I'm getting ready. I hate packing.

In any case, thanks for sharing your diagnosis. It does make sense. Those accidents harm your body in ways that only show up years later. They damage parts of your body and, from what I'm told, you get arthritis in those parts which can be painful. I guess there's nothing we can do except keep moving and live the best life we can.

I'd say you're still in better health (mentally and physically) than MANY people your age and younger. So, stay blessed!

Have a great weekend

Your VW

Hi VW, thanks for this, so very true as usual.

Drive safely and have a great visit.

Your VH

Thank you!

You are welcome as always.

Stuart, have you thought about using a Standing Desk for your computer. I have lower back problems and about a year ago I set up my work situation with this in mind. Have attached a photo of my work desk. I stand nearly all day and only sit for short intervals.

Thank you for your suggestion, not sure if I could do this, but will have a play.


Good to hear from you Stuart!

It's always good to get some extra rest in when our bodies tell us we need it...

But... I am sorry to hear that you both are still not 100% again yet...

The weather can certainly play a part in how we feel though, for me, it's the extreme heat that zaps me, I much prefer the cooler and wetter weather that winter brings!

It does sound like you have managed to complete a lot of sorting out this week and many congratulations on getting your latest article indexed!

Sitting down at the computer for prolonged periods of time is no good for anyone... we all must get up at regular intervals in order to move around and get some exercise my friend!

Enjoy what is left of your Sunday evening Stuart and I hope that you both feel better soon and have a fantastic start to the new week! :-)

Thanks Jessie for your detialed comments, much appreciated.

Have a great week.

You're most welcome Stuart!

Many thanks and I hope that your week is progressing well my friend! :-)

Lovely blog Stuart, do what you can to be mobile each day even if it only a five minute stroll

Sensible advice Catherine, do try to have a quick wander in the garden each day.

Feel better soon @Stuart 💪

Many thanks.

I know you will push through, Stuart! Aside from my WA work, I have to physically sort things all the time too! There is never truly an end to sorting out, we just handle what we can each day!

Keep succeeding!


As alays wil try Jeff.


I know you will, Stuart!


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