Sorry for being gone for so long.

Last Update: September 26, 2018

My last post I was so thrilled than I had made my first year with Wealthy Affiliate, I wrote that post from my hospital bed but I was so exhausted, I didn't couldn't get into WA again. After I had my knee surgery, the orthopedic surgeon put me on some very hefty pain medicine which caused much more serious problems. I developed a blockage in my intestines and after a few days the blockage could hold on no longer, so my intestines exploded. I was very sick, my doctor said only 2% of patients as sick as I was and the extent of the injuries make it throuh and if they do make it I would be severely ill for the rest of my life. My surgeon said he honestly did not expect me to live, but he found out I'm harder a fighter to live than he was prepared for. So, I was in the hospital for nearly a month, but I'm happy it is over. I got home last night and here I am online today.

I have to wear an ostomy bag for 6 months and I get outside stitches taken out in a week, But at least I'm alive and able to tell people to make sure all your insides work well while on heavy-duty pain meds for extende periods of time,

I'm alive!!!!



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Swangirl Premium
Oh my goodness Rae!!! I am so sorry you went through all that! I feel awful that I missed you when you called and when I called you. I should have tried again to call. I will call you as soon as I can.

I hope you are feeling better.
Vickic3 Premium
Welcome back, strong lady!!! You are tough alright and good on you for getting there
Wow, what a mission for you and its great to have you here but go easy and rest when needed
CandP Premium
Sorry to hear about all this pain you have gone through, not to mention a terrible scare, but we are very glad you are back.
We wish you a speedy recovery and look forward to reading your posts again.
Colette and Philip
EandS2018 Premium
Great to hear from you Rae. Keep plugging along.
Scarlett and Elaine
HuyNLe1989 Premium Plus
Glad to have you back!