Taking a break

Last Update: December 15, 2017

Has anyone ever felt guilty for taking a day off? For the past few days, I have been waking up early to brainstorm some idea for my content and do keyword research. I have been doing it consistently and I only let loose once I am done with everything from publishing my posts, doing daily on site optimizations, to offering and requesting comments.

I decided to just sleep in today and continue watching my anime for the whole day and for some I reason I feel guilty for not doing my work. So here I am, planning for my next posts, helping others on Live Chat and customizing my site. I did get enough rest today but I just can't help not checking on my site. My analytics is not doing good but I am still optimistic! I have a strategy in place and its thanks to Jay's webinars.

Anyways, that's all I have for today. I feel sleepy but am ready to get back to work tomorrow. Thanks for reading.

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DaveSw Premium
A little break is often just what you need. No reason to feel guilty, just enjoy and be ready to hit the books (OK the work) when you come back...

I do this regularly and it helps keep me motivated and busy when I am working. Balance is everything in life, and that holds true for online marketing business as well!

Enjoy the time and we will see you when you are back,\!

Dave : )
SteveCrozza Premium
There is always a need for rest, the reason is called: burnout!

Yes, no matter how young or old you will need regular rest breaks.
If it suits you best to have complete days off, fantastic do that.
We all need to find out what it is that regenerates us, 5 minutes every hour, or a complete day off or anything in between.

Just get some rest!
Rabrx Premium
Thanks, Steve! :D