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Here we all are. Mostly we came to WA to either get, improve, or begin using our skill set in affiliate marketing. Personally, I'm in the red gear. I am a learner, and never attempted affiliate marketing before I came here last October. It is safe say that I am no longer a novice, thanks to the training and many experts here at WA. Also, it's due to the wonderful sharing of those same experts, and soon to be experts. But I am still just a student.

I seriously doubt if I will become an expert at affiliate marketing. However, I can still add value to this group.

How can I add value to a group of experts if I am still at a learner status?

Using My Expert Skillset

My skill set is not blogging. Most of you reading this can probably put out 5 blogs in the time it takes me to do one. Don't get me wrong, I'll improve. I don't yet know the timeline, because I am not yet ultra focused on creating posts. But I will get there. How do I know that?

This brings me to my particular expertise. There are two skills that I am confident in my expert status.

The first skill doesn't concern anyone here. I am really good at helping folks with their body pain. I have a clinic, but I don't advertise or promote it other than having a website where folks can self schedule their appointments. There is no staff, just me. All my business comes from referrals and word of mouth.

I don't want to grow this business. Although I do help folks, I am trading time for dollars, and I am selling my time less than the market rate. Why? My belief is that this work is sacred, and I would really rather not have it continues to be how I earn my income. Right or wrong, good or bad, that's what I believe.

This take me to my second skill set of expertise. This may one be helpful to someone in the group. Not everyone. Even though this is my niche in WA, I'm not promoting this here. I want to give a small piece, to you, without wanting anything in return, because you have given me so much in the form of time, training and inspiration. So, thank you, this is what I can give to you.

Mindset Training

Yes, I know, there's a bunch of questionable guru types in this field. However, I am a straight shooter. It didn't happen overnight, and I really wasn't even looking for it. I just wanted to be healthy, and help others be healthy. I stumbled across Qigong a long time ago, due to a personal injury. That story isn't important here.

What is important is that I figured out that Qigong was the perfect tool for creating Neuroplasticity. This is the term used to describe how the brain changes over time. Who cares, right? Well someone might, so I will ask you:

Are You Stuck or Blocked?

Perhaps this is you.

You’re so close, but you just can’t seem to take that last illusive step,

Everything is in place. All the preparation is completed. The list of tasks that you downloaded from the expensive, “can’t miss” coaching program has all the boxes checked. All the training in WA is complete. You're writing blogs, you're posting to social media.

It’s just not quite happening. The sounds of crickets fill the void.

What Am I Missing?

OK, you’ve finished the coaching program. Skills aren’t the issue, you have them in abundance. Your idea is fantastic! What about your niche? is it too broad? No, you’ve narrowed it way down. Yet, here you are, wondering what could be the issue?

Out of the blue, life stuff comes up that distracts you, getting in the way of launching.

COVID? Relationships? Family? Self doubt? Money? Proper equipment? More training? None of that.

Maybe, you’re overthinking. Could you be trying too hard? It might just be your mindset.

Take a Breath

Start moving your body, shifting it slowly side to side with the rhythm of your breath, slowly breathing.

Count to six while inhaling and moving one way, count to six again as you exhale and move the opposing direction.

Visualize yourself as immersed in water as you move.

Let go, be silly, like a 5-year-old…

Smile, laugh, it’s OK!

As you go through these gentle motions, visualizing yourself in a cool clear magical pool of water, repeat a simple phrase on each inhalation:

“I am creatively inspired by Nature around me. There is nothing that can throw me off balance.”

You can get your mindset right, you’re almost there!

We have, all around us, THE MOST AMAZING TOOL to help us at any time.


Come to understand that we are never meant to be separate from Nature because we are already a part of Her!

It’s just a matter of tapping in to Nature's Energy, Her Qi.

I was in the same exact state of being…

So many times I’ve lost count.

There would be this fantastic project, (I just knew it was a winner). Perhaps a book or course, and then something would get in my way and stop me, throwing me off balance.

However, I finally learned, the only thing in my way, was how I thought about it.

I allowed other peoples’ perceptions, my own fear of failure or success, or world circumstances to stop me.

But the whole time it was me, and my stinking thinking.

It rained about 6 weeks ago. We’re in a drought where I live. It was a welcome rain, yet a pretty small amount: less than an inch.

My Partner and I have been walking my dog, Ginger, across the bottom of the empty reservoir near our home.

It’s really magical. That rain awhile back gathered in the mountains, and slowly made its way, in a trickle, down towards the reservoir.

Every day the water went a little farther until finally, just a couple of days ago, it made it to what’s left of the lake. And now it’s flowing.

Nature never gives up, and beyond all odds She always manages to thrive!

We can utilize Her power, because She is part of us!

Qigong and Nature

A wonderful way to connect with Nature's energy is through Qigong, an indigenous Energy Medicine system that originated in ancient China. It doesn’t have to be performed formally, or done “just right.”

In Qigong, we see the body as part of nature. We then observe nature, and in the exercises, visualize the various aspects of Nature, be it water flowing, wind blowing or trees bending, affected my the wind.

In the imagery we create a scene from nature and then interact with it in slow intentional movements that are synchronized with our breathing.

Qigong is a wonderful tool for transformation and manifestation.

That leads me to my message to you for the day.

Nature Speaks

Nature speaks, and we as Nature's inhabitants and fellow Nature dwellers may find that it is important to listen.

There’s a transformation happening. It’s really quite profound. But much of the world’s humanity will likely be lagging behind.

We can be consumed by fear, obsessed with creating wealth or blinded by Culture/Media’s depiction of what you’re supposed to look like and act like.

Or you can listen to Nature and be a part of the transformation. It just might be your mindset that is holding you back.

All of us were born with a purpose. This purpose yearns to be fulfilled. Within this purpose there is something that allows you to shine like sunlight when you uncover your authentic self.

It’s time to connect with your purpose, and accept your destiny.

The time is now to re-discover your authentic self and live the life you have only dreamed you could live.

So try that simple little exercise above. Movement, breath and imagery together can reprogram your mindset to work for you instead of sabotaging all of you hard work!

So if you’re ready to make a positive change in your life,

If you’re ready to be extraordinary rather than ordinary…

You’ll need to take extraordinary action.

Try that silly exercise I gave you and let me know how you felt afterwards. You can use any affirmation, or the one I gave you. It's my gift to you for taking the time to make me feel welcome here.

Remember, I'm just at the learning stage of all of this affiliate stuff, blogging and building as online business. However, thriving, I got that.

I hope you thrive as well.


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I really enjoyed reading your post, Al. I can relate to a lot of what you've said and I do believe in the power of nature to help reset in times of need. Whenever I'm stressed, I find a spot in nature and just absorb the energy. But I will definitely try your exercise. I'm still learning the basics about Qigong, but really appreciate you sharing your knowledge. Keep thriving.


Thanks, Susan, I hope you enjoy it!
It's basic, but effective!

Keep on thriving!

Thanks for the glimpse into how to effect change within ourselves and our lives. I do agree nature is the greatest resource that is underused in our lives.


Thanks for taking the time to read the post, Alex!

Yes, Nature is always there. We have a symbiotic relationship. Trees exude the oxygen we need, water brings life, and on into infinity.

The energy can also be exchanged.

Keep on thriving, Alex!

Well written and thought out. To be exceptional needs us to do exceptional things..change starts with us.
Thanks Al.

Exactly, Stephen!
Thanks for taking the time to read and comment!

A very intriguing post, Al! I will try to perform this exercise, but I have always feltr somewhat relaxed already, but I should not be afraid to try new things, my friend.

I hope that you have an excellent Sunday today, my friend, as we prepare to enter another work week.

Have an excellent day, and as always, Keep thriving!


You seem to be pretty "chill," Jeff, no matter what there circumstances.

You can use the exercise to manifest as well.
See your website complete if you try the exercise. Instead of the phrase in the blog, maybe use: "I have everything I need to maker this successful."

Thanks for reading, I'll make it over to your posts later today!

Keep on thriving!


I have my moments, but for the most part, Al, I simply keep my nose to the grindstone and keep going for the prize in all facets of my life, come what may.

I am sure that my trust in God is the principle reason, but He has also instilled a never-say-die drive in me, that I call upon any time I might feel angst or hurt, and it has served me well on many occasions.

I'll ponder more on the "see your website complete", since they are never really finished, although I do know what you mean, my friend!

I hope you are having an excellent Sunday, and are thriving!


Very interesting blog, Al
This is my takeaway from your blog
"All of us were born with a purpose. This purpose yearns to be fulfilled. Within this purpose there is something that allows you to shine like sunlight when you uncover your authentic self"

I truly believe in this statement especially using my skillset in fulfilling this purpose.
This is where I am happiest. It is a lovely feeling when you use your skillset to assist others in growing

Continue to be you, Al. Keep reaching for the sky

Thanks, Simone, for taking that particular phrase. It's important and it make us and everyone who crosses our path happy as well.

I appreciate your time to read, comment and share your insights.

Stay well and keep thriving!

You too, Al :)

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