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Last Update: Jan 16, 2022

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I hope you're all having an awesome day. Mine is starting out nicely.

The rim of the valley

I live on the edge of a sprawling collection of small towns, and cities that have merged into one continuous metro area now known as Silicon Valley, I'm in a community snuggling the foothills of the Santa Cruz mountains called Cupertino, It was once filled with plum and apricot

orchards, 50 years ago. Then Silicon Valley was known as the Valley of the Heart's Delight. Before that the Muwekma Ohlone tribe of Native Americans flourished in the hills and valley meadows.

As I stand on my porch, looking to my right, I see the open spaces into the hills with forests

and diverse wildlife. To my left the hills spill into a valley filled with homes and tech companies, some just getting started, some established giants in the industry, My own little city/town of Cupertino was the birthplace of Apple Computer, now the largest valued company in the US.

It's here I listen for the sounds of nature,

Listen and Silent

It's appropriate that in the English language Listen and Silent have the same letters. In the near

silence of the first light of dawn, Nature abounds. The wrens are easily distinguished, even the tiny hummingbird can be heard as it dives to protect its territory.

However, it's in the busy time of the day when I wish to hear these tranquil sounds. It is then when you need to sharpen your listening skills to hear beyond the thousands of cars, trucks, blowers and machinery working in any city. It's deafening, and at times difficult to even have a conversation while walking down the street.

Yet, it is possible to tune in. A cement truck rolls down the boulevard. Through it;s rumblings I

hear her, the call or the Red Tail Hawk! I look up and she's soaring, wings spread majestically. That's the sign I was looking for. The power of Nature over machine.

This is a metaphor for listening to the quiet voice of wisdom in your mind rather than the yelling voice of Ego or Fear, There is so much fear in this time we live in. Ego is always there, as well, in our beautiful humanness. Both of them speak in loud voices over the still quiet of the true knowing that our higher self is continuously whispering to us. But we have to tune in...


Fearlessness doesn't come easily. It is a practice. It takes work to filter through the noise of life's challenges. Yet, it is possible. Just as the Red Tailed Hawk called to me over the rumbling machinery of the cement truck, we can hear our wisdom over media driven fear and greed driven ego. Once you establish your practice, the subtle sounds of Nature begin to be more evident, and the noise of the city becomes the background.

When we are no longer affected by noise, no matter what it's form, then we can go into the day... fearlessly!

Stay well and thrive!👍🙏💕


Recent Comments


I love to stop and listen to the sounds of nature. There is something so grounding for me to be silent and listen for the sounds that can go right past us if we don't intentionally stop to listen. Thanks for sharing. I am glad there are people in the world who appreciate nature and stop to listen.


Thanks for appreciating Nature's sounds, Erlene!
Stay well and thrive!

Very nice post. Funny I read it now, as I am sitting in my lounge listening to the Buddhist monks chanting in the background.
I live in Vietnam and always love it when they do this.

That's just awesome, Stephen! Thanks for sharing! That must be wonderful to hear!
Stay well and keep thriving!

Hey Stephen,
Some of the guided meditations I do are to monks chanting. There is something so lovely about the sound. I can really get lost in the predictability of each chant. Thanks for sharing.

I know, I find listening to it relaxes me. It is so rhythmic.

Beautiful post!

Thanks so much, Veronica!
Stay well and keep Thriving!!🙏

This is an excellent post, Al! Such symmetry with nature in it all!


Thanks Jeff!
I want sure anyone would read it, I appreciate you taking the time!
Stay well and thrive!

You're very welcome, my friend! Well done!

Have an excellent new week!


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