A Shift

Last Update: May 9, 2022

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The road seems to be shifting...

Do I go with it or stay the course?

I have progressed in the WA program differently than prescribed.

While I completed the first part, finishing the 5 level certification training, I veered from there.

My time spent has been "listening" and "meeting" community members. This helped me to learn varied and valuable lessons, Then I gave back where I could.

Unfortunately, my time is limited because of commitments to my clinic. I need to choose wisely the actives where my energy is applied.

The content, both on my website and YouTube channel, is lagging in production. I will remedy this by pulling time away from community activities and blogs to creating content.

I will check in on occasion, but not daily as I have been. I will miss the camaraderie., but we all need to produce content or this is all a waste of resources.

Thriving is how I see you all. Despite what is occurring in the world around you, you thrive because you see yourselves successful. Don't lose that stubborn individuality, it separates you from the minions working for a boss that is not them, helping a company that is not family.

You're my online family WA affiliates! Go make me proud, I'm going to do that as well!

Recent Comments


Perfectly understandable. Time is a limited resource and we need to concentrate on that which brings in the money.
Getting feedback and motivational support is why I stick with hanging out, but when it is at the detriment of work you must decide on your course of action.
Don’t stay too quiet.

Thanks, Stephen, I'll still be around in the hallways🤣

Keep thriving, my friend!


Better watch out, I’m the hall monitor..lol


What a great post, not about pulling back, which is a question we all must weigh in one way or another, but your view of us thriving-- because we see ourselves as successful. I love that. And it is true.

I look forward to hearing from you from time to time. Let us know about your successes. It's always about time. . ..

Yours, Donna, akadeelilah

Thanks, Donna.
I appreciate your kind words.

And yes, we must see ourselves as successful always, because of we don't, it well never happen.

Keep on thriving, Donna!


Our business and clients must always come first. WA will always be here and welcome us with open arms when we can visit.

All the best.


Thanks, Alex, I appreciate your support!

Keep on thriving!


I will miss you, Al
But I do understand :)
Keep thriving

Don't worry, Simone, I'm be around, just not as much..

Thanks for your kindness and support!

You keep thriving too!


Awesome ;)

Smart move, Al.

Stay well & pop in now & again! 😊


Will do, Frank.
Thanks for your support!

Keep on thriving...

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