Completed level 3 (with 10 lessons) of the entrepreneurial certification course

Last Update: March 18, 2018

Great relief

Another hurdle now bypassed after my completing Level 3 of the above Course.

Level 3 about MAKING MONEY entails the following:Lesson 1 - Understanding the MONEY in Online Business. Lesson 2 - Understanding Affiliate Programmes and Networks.Lesson 3 - Relevant Affiliate Programmes are Everywhere.Lesson 4 - Adding Affiliate Links to your Pages.Lesson 5 - Instant Access to a Million Products.Lesson 6 - Leveraging Product Review.Lesson 7 - Getting Paid for Ads on your site.Lesson 8 - EARNING PENNIES OR DOLLARS.Lesson 9 - A BRILLIANT WAY TO TRACK AND UNDERSTAND YOUR TRAFFIC.Lesson 10 - With Help Comes Financial Success.Thanks again to the enabling support of Kyle, Carson and the Community.
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CarolMeador Premium
Congratulations, QAVAVO! Way to go. Carol
QAVAVO Premium
LTMLifestyle Premium
Congratulations. Good progress
RobertLeier2 Premium
great progress enjoy your journey
Melissa901 Premium
Good job keep it up
chrisbailey Premium
Congrats and keep learning...and implementing what you learn.