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Last Update: February 21, 2016

First off I just want ANYONE who actually reads this to know that this post is an absolute blatant RANT! I'm ranting because ...

I'm tired of people who do crap that is against WA rules and GET AWAY WITH IT when if I were to do it Kyle most likely would nail me.

I've done one thing in the past, since being back, that I have discontinued and won't do anymore because I have to respect Kyle and Carson's rules.

The thing that just makes my teeth grind, my ears burn and eyes spit cold flame is the number of people who piggyback on WA's site power (page rank) by linking to their %#@! sites! And it's done ALL the time!

Heck I'd like to do that too people but let me point this out ...

#6 No blog or forum posts that are created for the pure purpose of promoting a product. This does include product reviews. Rants are OK.

#7 No adding affiliate links to any blog, training, discussion or private message IF this is to vague for you and you'd like to argue try this one ...

#16 No signatures at the end of your posts (posting your website URL, image, etc) I'm sure this probably includes trying to sneak by with something like ...

" OH HELP! I just got a comment about blah, blah, blah here at my site (LINKED) can you go look at it and tell me what you think?

OR some other B.S. reason to post an activated link to your site to get backlink horsepower from WA. Like I said ...


The next sneeky %^& I see do it I'm gonna take a screenshot and send that screenshot to Kyle.

IF that offends your sensibilities just remember ...

I was kind enough to WARN you first!

Here are the rules for spam within WA. If you go against any of these, you may lose all posting privileges within WA and depending or may be completely removed from WA without the ability to ever join again (yes, we do take this stuff seriously).

  1. No unsolicited messages to be sent through private messaging. This will lead to immediate removal of your ability to post anywhere within WA.
  2. No copied content allowed to be posted here at Wealthy Affiliate. This content will be immediately removed and you will lose posting privileges.
  3. Do not copy content from WA and post it somewhere else on the Internet. This includes copying your own blog content and putting it on your website.
  4. No promotions with comments or chat. Although these may seem like subtle ways to promote, if you are caught doing this, you will likely lose privileges. If a link is posted out of an act to help someone, not sell something, that is OK.
  5. No training should be focused around a promotion of a product or service or give half information. If it does, then it will be immediately removed from the training at WA and you may lose all privileges to post training in the future.
  6. No blog or forum posts that are created for the pure purpose of promoting a product. This does include product reviews. Rants are OK.
  7. No adding affiliate links to any blog, training, discussion or private message
  8. Do not post content that is irrelevant to the online business world or your respective journey through the online world. Anything that is "niche" specific should be posted on your external websites.
  9. Do not post content where your readers are required to go to an external website to "read more". All of the content must be self contained within the post itself.
  10. No soliciting phone numbers or asking people to call you
  11. Asking for personal contact information
  12. Any in appropriate content (adult content, website URL's or related images)
  13. Soliciting communication outside of the Wealthy Affiliate platform
  14. Using incorrect or misleading headlines within your discussions or blog posts
  15. No faith or religion based posts
  16. No signatures at the end of your posts (posting your website URL, image, etc)
  17. No politically driven posts
  18. Promoting ANY product whatsoever
  19. Anything else that you are knowingly doing in attempt to sell something.
  20. We do not allow any form of fundraising or charity including that campaigning for members here within WA. Please keep all fundraising campaigns external of WA.

We are all here with the ultimate goal of success, if you try some "sneaky sneak" spam attempts within WA, you will be caught and you may be in for an "account explosion"! We are flexible on every other aspect of WA other than spam. No exceptions. Just don't do it!

We truly are a community of help and if you see any form of spam going on, please do let us know and we will handle accordingly. :)


The above are rules, written by Kyle.

Just to clarify my understanding of those rules I asked Kyle whether or not I could put a link to MY personal site, in my WA blogs. Naturally he knew what I meant. I wanted to use WA's link juice (Page Rank, Authority, etc) to juice my personal site. To get a high quality, super juiced backlink and traffic. Here's a screenshot of my question and Kyle's answer. His answer should leave no doubt!

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mijareze Premium
Got it!
KariLee Premium
Great blog! Rules are made for a reason and without them we would have chaos. WA is a work of genius by Kyle and Carson and they deserve respect. You said this very well.
Profithog Premium Plus
Thank you Kari :-)
JudeP Premium
Well said!
Profithog Premium Plus
Thank you Jude :-)
RaeAnnePond Premium
Some of this is familiar to me, some of it is not. Thank you for sharing this and reminding all of us of the no-no's. Have a good weekend!
Profithog Premium Plus
Thanks RaeAnne :-) You have a great weekend too!
Jozeph Premium
Hey Paul, I can't agree more. I've also come across a few this week. However I was lucky, I pm'd the person, and informed them it was against WA policy and why. In all instances, it was a newcomer, and they subsequently acted on my advice, and removed their posts.
Sorry to hear about your frustration.
Thanks for sharing Bro, and have a great w/end :)
Profithog Premium Plus
Ya Jozeph I can excuse newbies somewhat, sorta, kinda, maybe but the screenshot isn't a newbie. What the heck. I got it off my chest lmao Thanks for reading :-)
Jozeph Premium
Hey Paul, if it's not someone that doesn't know any better, and/or the blog remains posted, then as much as I abhor the idea, it makes me cringe, I will send it off to admin.
Aside from the fact that Kyle and Carson have worked their butts off to create what is now WA, it's also up to us to maintain it's integrity
However, much like you, I preffer reaching out to the member first..
Ya, sometimes we just need to vent :)
Profithog Premium Plus
I agree Jozeph I mean the rules are right there at the bottom of each blog when you go to write - how can anyone miss the blue link that says: read the rules lol
Jozeph Premium
I hate to admit this, however when I first joined, I didn't!
I think we get so excited when we first join, that we just want to dive in, and sometimes fumble. Oooops, yup :)
Cool thing, is that even after a few years, I'm still as excited and motivated as when I first started, however in the beginning I did have to learn the hard way.

Should've read the rules :)
Profithog Premium Plus
LOL me too if there's an easy way to do something I'll always go for the most difficult just to see how much abuse I can actually take lol
Profithog Premium Plus
Just saw TWO more minutes ago and ONE is an Ambassador who should know better! (smh) I need to ask Kyle if it's ok for me to write short blog posts and stuff my site link in there to get link juice