An Affiliate Just Surprised Me with a $1900 Commission!

Last Update: June 07, 2019

I have been pretty much "out sick" all year and unable to continue working on my websites, but I do still do some blogging and have left my websites up as something I hoped to get back to soon.

This week I was having some financial stress and thinking I might get back to it, but I wasn't sure where to even start.

I have been noticing I still get email subscriptions, although I haven't really been sending anything out. And I do still get tiny, random commissions on things, but not enough to really pay attention to.

The traffic to my site continues to grow simply from what is already there (keyword rich content) and the fact that the age of the domain makes it more trustworthy (now going on two years).

Anyway, today I was randomly contacted by an affiliate to confirm and update my contact info, letting me know I just sold one of their courses through my website and made a $1900 commission!

I wrote the review on the course in early 2018 and forgot about it. I guess it's time to update and promote my reviews....

I'm just completely over the moon and beyond appreciative of what I've learned and achieved with the help of WA. Yes, it took time and patience, but I can absolutely see this being the best retirement plan.

Keep going!

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sminman7 Premium
Wow! Way to go! We hope you are on the mend and on the way back! You deserve success!
Michael Inman
Traveller75 Premium
Congrats!!! a great way to comeback and get started again.

Hackerist Premium
What a great surprise! Keep moving forward Jaime!
Tipqmon11 Premium
Wow, what a great surprise! Congrats....Keep up the excellent work!
AlanJE Premium Plus
Congratulations, Jaime! Alan