Would YOU Sell Your Site for $28,000?

Last Update: August 13, 2018

Just a simple question: Would YOU sell your site or blog for $28,000?

When you imagine selling it for that amount, how does it make you FEEL?

Wealthy Affiliate SUCCESS!

I LOVE reading Wealthy Affiliate Success Stories, don't you?

Recently, 2 of our fellow WA members have had HUGE success selling their sites - which makes me think about the VALUE of our sites and blogs that we might not realize.

What you're learning here inside Wealthy Affiliate is teaching you the skills to build ASSETS.

When done properly, it's not "just a website" or "just a blog" - it's a business asset that can be sold.

Selling Sites

I used to sell sites way back in the day...

yep, ol' PotPieGirl has done lots of stuff in the last decade+ lol!

I'd create new "Starter Websites" - optimize them and get some good content on them.

I'd get the organic traffic from Google started and get a little income started...

and then SELL the site a few WEEKS later.

Yes, a few WEEKS later.

Not months later or years later - but a few WEEKS later.

Considering I only had the cost of a domain name and some time invested, I'd say my return on that minimal investment was pretty good!

Those were all new "weeks old" sites.

See that site that sold for $620?

That site had less than 20 pages (posts)... was only getting maybe 500 visits a month (all organic traffic from Google) - and get this: it made about $34 between AdSense ads and Amazon affiliate links.

Not a bad profit from the cost of a domain name and a little elbow grease, right?

Yes, those sales happened years ago, but if you take a browse through Flippa.com, you'll see those kinds of sites still sell very well.

(which makes me wonder: WHY am I not still doing this? lol!)

My Results Are "Small Potatoes"!

Now, let me share the success of two of our fellow Wealthy Affiliate Members:

• JeremyH86 sold TWO of his sites for $9,000!

read Jeremy's story and lessons learned here.

• SporkyPie sold her FIRST blog for $28,000!

read Stephanies story here and lessons learned here.

Be sure to comment and give them both a HUGE "Congrats"!

Taking what they've learned here in Wealthy Affiliate, and quickly turning it into those kinds of earnings and results, is... well, it's AMAZING.

I'm very proud of them both!

Ok, Back To YOU...

Would YOU sell your site?

What is YOUR "number" that you'd be willing to sell for?

Have you already sold a site or two? How did it go for you?

Discussion is open below - let's talk!



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keishalina Premium
Sounds like quite a niche! ... thanks kindly for sharing & posting... all the best for every success, cheerio... :)
May be that I have been missing the boat for reasons that I am not aware of. However, I have not been able to get much organic traffic and I have tried a lot of things. Buying traffic eBooks, courses, affiliate programs etc. But most of all I have tried to keep my sites free of spam, got the https on one website this year, and then had to delete it as everything went south. I also have the new GDPR requirements. I just within the past few months tried to make pageSpeed better. Last check it was up to 80, now it is down again per Chrome.

If any of you have read my profile, I have been trying to make this work for some time. AdSense was the first. There are time that I have thought that my age did not attract people to my subjects. No, I am not being overly sensitive, I look at other blogs what have done better than mine, but did not appear anymore dedicated to the audience. I am straight forward, believe in being honest and looking at all angles.

The only two websites that I am working on right now are: Life Chats About Life Things - this started years ago in Blogger. I moved it to WordPress last year or maybe the begging of this year. I have had medical issues this years so no, I have not been able to work full time on my stuff.

Another website: Mortgage Loan Facts - MY VERY FIRST BLOG in Blogger. Also, moved to WordPress. This was my career. I write my stuff that all the time as I give people the truth about mortgage lending as I saw it first handed. No fluff there at all. Serious business

I need you honest feedback. Please review these and tell me what you see. No sugar coating. The real analysis.

You see, I am a firm believer in "emotional intelligence," if you can't take criticism, you need to go back to school. Shall we LOL?

PotPieGirl Premium
Oh sweetie, you are working so hard! Sadly, I can't find your sites, but I bet your first 'love' is the mortgage site. You can do it!
fleurallen Premium
Hey are you following the training here and blogging regularly? 3 to 5 times per week on the same blog with relevant content to your niche and using low hanging fruit keywords?
My sites have been up awhile and I just started here. Thanks
No, the mortgage is not my first love, at least not now. LOL I like it, but it is so competitive, and I have actually neglected it at times, however, that is what I know and know where to get updates etc.

I have done a lot of Personal Growth but I think people like to see credentials with this niche. The Life Chats About Life Things comes up for me in Chrome, Edge and Firefox, but I guess that is because I search for it often. However, you can see that this is why I do not make money. I cannot get organic traffic with anything, it seems.

Yes, I have worked hard at this and that is what gets to you, when you have.
Great post, Jennifer! Just last month I sold my 1 year old blog for $50,000. All the details on how I did that, are here (remove the space before .com): herpaperroute .com/how-to-sell-your-blog-for-50000 )

I agree that it blogging is lucrative, whether you run it as a business yourself, or grow it for a few months and sell it for profit. Blogging is where it's at!

It is a big job to grow a blog to a place where its worth $$$, but people will pay a premium to have someone do all that work for them.

-Chelsea HerPaperRoute .com
PotPieGirl Premium
Girl, that's AWESOME!!! a ONE year old blog sold for $50,000 - I am SO jealous!!! Atta boy Girl!
Gragozzino Premium
I'd not sell my Brand for that money. If your website has that value I would work to get a better conversation ratio for the traffic I actually have, for example in my last post I talked about that basically I'd find the right way to qualify my visitors.
But no, I'd never sell a website/blog of my niche, maybe only in the case i would completely exit the market.
PotPieGirl Premium
Good points! I think the only site of mine that I'd never sell (or never ever PLAN to sell) is my PotPieGirl.com site... because that's ME =)
Godsmack12 Premium
Sure I'd sell it for the right price and would then start another. Your so right you have a business that could catch someones eye and they think hey I could really do something with this.
Great post really gives you something to think about.
PotPieGirl Premium
It IS a lot of think about, isn't it?

If you think about it from the magazine industry perspective... sure, you could just pay to advertise to that targeted audience in that magazine... OR - just BUY the magazine...lol!

Getting attention online is getting harder and harder - buying a site that already has even a "drip" of exposure to a targeted audience is VERY valuable these days!
Godsmack12 Premium
They sure are and it's so much easier for them to work with something that already has content and structure.
PotPieGirl Premium
Yes! =)